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Ascend Sierra Towers ribbon or dome
Go for the ribbons, the best tweeters out there, and you'll then have a solid basis for later upgrades for the rest of your system (I suggest MJ Acoustics or REL subwoofers to start). The Ascend Sierra Towers are sleepers and a bigger bang for you... 
Floorstanders for $3500
I don't like to add speakers to a list already posted, but I really think the Ascent Acoustic Sierra Tower is head and shoulders above anything below $4.5k in floorstanders, especially with the RAAL ribbon tweeter option. The unlimited help from t... 
I am a 76-year old audiophile and I still enjoy all the music I can get even with tinnitus AND hearing loss (I just turn the volume knob a bit more!). Like Roxy54 and Photon46 said, it's all about your mental attitude. I'm not bothered by it at al... 
Wilson Alexia 20x15 Room
I love this discussion because my only problem throughout the years with Vandersteens (5, 5A, 7) has been their poor soundstage height reproduction. By chance, that is one of the best characteristics of Wilson's latest creations (Alexia, Sasha II,... 
Which tonearm with a Soundsmith The Voice?
Due to the Voice's high compliance (22 or 28), the tonearm effective mass should be as low as possible. A great pairing should be the Funk F-XR which comes in 9" and 12" lengths at 8.5 grams and about 10 grams effective mass respectively. 
REL Magic
Signal Cable has been offering improved speaker-level cables for REL subwoofers at a great price for many years. 
Raidho D1/C1.1 vs Dynaudio C1 vs Magico Q1
Xti16, I am very familiar with RELs and have heard them in many different systems including electrostatics and ribbons. It should complement the D1s but you have to make sure it comes in below the actual (in your room) D1 -3dB frequency and that y... 
REL Gibralter G2 a good choice?
I have used RELs for many years and I agree with Erikminer; I would suggest to also check the new S series, which are wireless and may be more practical. 
Best tonearm for London Reference Cartridge
evidently, I'm in good company ;) 
Best tonearm for London Reference Cartridge
I read many years ago that the best tonearm for the top Decca is the Dynavector 507. 
Power conditioners around $500
Check Cullen Cable Power Box, only $219. 
D-Sonic vs Wyred vs ....
I think there is too much speculation on d-sonic. It has been clear for a year or so that the lower-power amps are Abletec and the higher-power ones Pascal. The proof of the sound pudding is in the eating, that is, when reviewers and customers --n... 
cartridge for WELL TEMPERED Amadeus
The Amadeus tonearm effective mass is 10gr. 
To Couple or Decouple?
You need decoupling on that floor, and your Crescendos deserve Stillpoints Ultra 5s. Expensive but worth it. 
any experience with Polymer Audio Research speaker
There is a recent review of the MKS at soundstagehifi.com