what happened to the Belles website ?????

Its been a while since the Belles website (power modules) has been operational. Anyone knows what's going on?

Its been a while since the Belles website (power modules) has been operational. Anyone knows what's going on?

not sure what you are referring to as the site is working just fine .

Power Modules inc.
I had the Aria integrated a few months ago. It was good with my Harbeth P3esr 40th Anniversary, but  I ended up going with LFD LE MK VI. At the time I talked with Audio Connection and was informed about the forthcoming  Aria Signature. It would be nice to read some feedback on this amp from those who bought one.
If a site is down on your home internet try your phone off wifi. If that works get back to me. I have experience with this.
Bet it is coming from the Ethernet connection. I have had similar ground loop issues. Amazingly, I just ameliorated it by hooking up a hdmi cable to my blu ray player from my tv; the blu ray feeds through coax signal to my Yggdrasil DAC, which is also connected via USB to a music server connected to Ethernet.
If you call, David Sr. usually answers, and he'll talk with you and answer questions. I bought the Aria integrated a short time ago and needed some advice on something, and he was very friendly and informative. I suspect he'd be more than willing to discuss whatever questions you have about new products.

On a side note, the same is true with some other guys. Wesley Miaw of Neko Audio is very friendly and willing to answer emails (he even got involved with advice on some A/V issues I was having), as is Mads Buchardt in Denmark. And Fritz Heiler even sends his phone number and says to call anytime you want to talk music and/or audio. It's great having so many friendly and knowledgeable people making the gear we love. 
ok, thanks . I own a Virtuoso dual mono amp I got through Audio Connection. They are very helpful. I was wondering why the Virtuoso line is not shown on their website? Maybe still in the works and the production line might be slow because of covid. It's nice to see your equipment in a website and be able to show it to peers. 
Yep, virtuoso line completely disappeared...for whatever reason. And I also wish there were more product pictures, showing off outside as well as inside. I mean, what audiophile doesn’t enjoy looking at innards of audio equipment?!

P.S. Not a big fan of the Aria Signature’s volume knob. Aesthetically -sorry David- it looks horrendous! It should’ve been a regular knob, like the one Aria has, just larger - to fit the new body better.
I will say, when you have a volume knob shaped like the Sigs, I think it's a bit easier to see where the volume level is via the knob (especially if you are listening 8+ feet away).
I have a tiny strip of blue masking tape on the knob of the Aria preamp, carefully cut so it almost looks as if it were made that way.
I also use a tiny strip of tape (red) on the volume knob of the Aria integrated to mark the setting.   That helps avoid a loud surprise when playing that first song in a listening session!   Yes, the Aria Signature volume knob is not particularly attractive but at least the user can see the volume setting.  Personally, I like a simple LED light on the volume pot that is adjustable in brightness... but that's just me.  

My previous integrated amplifiers and preamps all had a display, light or marking of some kind to show the volume setting.  The lack of that feature is a shortcoming of the Aria, but easy enough to fix with colored tape.   As for the rapid boost in volume around 10:00 upward, that's an issue not easily solved and best to live with if you love the Aria sound, as I do.   

Yes maybe David Sr. can give us some info why the Virtuoso line has disappeared . I own an amp and I love it. Works flawless, but as mentioned before, would like to see pics and promotion. maybe they have reached a slowdown in the production line . 
I love my Belles Aria integrated.  Great little amp.  It was recommended to me by Fritz, who said that it pairs well with his Carrera BE’s.

+1 on Fritz being an awesome guy in the audio world and he builds some mighty fine sounding speakers too!