What deserves more attention on Audiogon?

There are some current lines and products that get a lot of buzz here on Audiogon and others that are well known otherwise that do not.

Klipsch (other than current Heritage line) and KEF are two examples. These seem to have more of an A/V focus these days, but how do these and other more well known product lines that are popular elsewhere but do not get a lot of buzz here on Audiogon really stack up sound wise?

Anyone finding any great performers that are popular elsewhere but not on A'gon worth sharing that might not get much love here otherwise?

If you have heard some underdog product that you think can compete with the more common "high end" type products here, please indicate what you have heard or read that makes you think so.

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Nobody ever mentions Ohm.
"Nobody ever mentions Ohm."

Well, some of us do mention it regularly, but that is one I would personally like to see get more attention!

Onh, it was a blast from teh past seeing those old EPIs you have in your system pics. THose were pretty good back in their day as I recall having heard and sold a few years ago back at Tech Hifi. I know they are no longer made, but I often wonder how well some of the lines that used to be fairly common, like EPI, fair these days? Does modern amplification, digital sources , etc. take these to a higher level? If so, how high? How do they compare to some of the other newer designs you own, like Gradient or Monitor Audio?
Diana Krall will always get more attention than Barbara Dennerlain, but it doesen't mean tha she's better musician.
JBL, best of the best. Not quite sure why yet but I'll find out when I get my 4345s finally built. Nothing compares to the build quality of their drivers. There is no higher ultimate. Never paid much attention to them in the past, being a B&W/KEF fan for 35 years. My loss.
DB Labs Tranquility Dacs
For years i was using the same cd,dvd player and different dacs. I finally figured out what was making my system bright after buying a tranquility dac . Wish i would have stumbled upon it years ago. I always thought it was my amp or pre or cables that i was unhappy about .Anyone who thinks their speakers are bright oughta check them out ! Google search them !
Almost all of the talk about gear on this site is driven by MSRP. Nothing more. If it cost more, it's better. And of course, we have the always present, knee jerk bashers of moderately priced gear. I think this limits the appeal of this site and will eventually cause it's demise.
roger sander's hybrid electrostatoc spkr.
I was kidding about the Ohms! You are well documented in your love of Ohm. BTW, I just picked up a good condition pair of Walsh 4s.

All my speakers date from 1990s or earlier designs. The EPIs are very listenable but compared to modern loudspeakers they lack high end sparkle, overall resolution and precision soundstage/imaging. They have tight, acoustic suspension type bass and are tonally smooth, but they don't stop and start on transients like modern designs. I think they sound great on classic rock and other normal type recordings. I should probably replace the crossover components for better sound.
Tannoy has a few fans here, emphasis on FEW -- Tannoy doesn't market strongly in North America, nor do they play the "game". Their original dual-concentric driver design from 1948 (they way pre-date both KEF and Klipsch) had been refined over the years and still warrants much merit today.

Anytime I see a speaker without a huge front baffle, I think: "wow, that's going to be significantly compromising efficiency and/or low-end extension". And anytime I see a big baffle without a single big dual-concentric driver, I think "wow, that's going to have a tough time of sounding coherent".

I've also been impressed with some of Rogue Audio's tube gear, especially in context of value for the money (and made in USA to boot).
i keep mentioning on occasion my Tivoli bedroom system that performs amazingly well from a musicality perspective. it is limited in how loud you can play it and also the high-frequency extension is limited somewhat (although it seems to be a positive effect overall). the system consists of a Model-3 Clock Radio, the stereo speaker, and TWO subwoofers fed by a splitter, plus the CD player (optional- the cd player doesn't get my strong recommendation but it's a perfect match of course and sounds C+/B-). The speakers/radio are arranged on opposite nightstands with me lying in the middle of the bed.
i listen to classical music and jazz broadcasts. i have a MacBook Pro hooked up as well to the MIX-INPUT jack (stereo miniplug) when i want to listen to internet music sites, Youtube, etc.
the reproduction of string bass is fantastic. piano jazz trios sound great,
classical music of all kinds sounds great, although large symphonic works can lack
detail at times, not that it spoils the experience very much. Pipedreams, a
broadcast featuring pipe organ music, with/without chorus, orchestras, brass, etc. sounds VERY good, even without really deep bass.
you can turn the radio to maximum volume most of the time and the speaker WILL NOT go into distortion.
it's not that easy to find this radio/speaker/sub combo for sale anymore.
the old-fashioned tuning knob is the only one i would get due to its amazing sensitivity and good sound.
i have a very expensive system in the living room that sounds amazing on a whole other level, but damn it if i don't love to relax and tune into all of the wonderful programming i can get in the bedroom, perhaps even MORE. i don't try to explain it anymore after several years, i just accept it. MUSIC, all evening, all night, no knob twisting, no record cleaning, etc.
one caveat though- they "could" improve the system with better cabling, better subwoofer amplifiers and speakers, better speakers and power supplies, etc. If i was "handy" i would love to take one of these radios apart, dump the clock, and upgrade the audio components. perhaps someday someone will attempt this, maybe even tivoli might take a shot at it. but they certainly have done a remarkable job so far of getting the basics working together really really well.
47 labs cables, specifically at short runs, are incredible for the money. They have been discussed but not much. They have been dismissed because of their simple design, but I think thier genius is in their rca connectors. Great tone; they replaced my Purist and my previous favorite, Music Metre cables. At long runs they sound bad at the frequency extremes.
FWIW I recently auditioned over twenty floor standing speakers. Most of them the highly touted names on this site. Example SF PSB AZ B&W TOTEM DEVORE MAGGIE VANDERSTEEN PARADIGM ECT. Bottom line a pair of KEF R900 won out. I would have never even considered these if one of the dealers did not have them on hand. Oh and many may think they are HT. I have set up my front end preamp amp and cables and the sound is fantastic. BTW I compared speakers over 10k the only ones that thought were worthy Joseph audio Perspectives.

Atohm-Focus Audio-KEF-Lenehan Audio-Martin Logan and many Italian made electronics/speakers!