Attention LP12 Valhalla owners

As most of you know Linn has discontinued support (sales) of the Valahlla boards. What you may not know is they sell a Valhalla repair kit which retails for $16.01 plus shipping and handling. Now, if I can only find a retailer that will take my order....
Try Accent on Music in Mt. Kisco NY. I've bought many LP12 parts from them, and there has never been an issue with availability or willingness. Good listening,

I have LP12 Valhalla with 50Hz motor. It runs slow to me. Is there anything for me to increase the speed? Thanks
Have you actually checked the speed? The symptoms of a Vahalla going bad is speeding up and slowing down very slightly. Find a test record with a band of black stripes on the label and check it under a light. I think all Valhalla's have a 50 Hz motor.
I believe there were 2 versions of the valhalla. One for 50hz and the other for 60 hz. I have some suggestions for you to check having gone through some problems with some of my previous decks.
1. Check the motor. I thought I had a bad power supply too but it turned out to be the motor. If you order a motor, you need to know if you have a 50 or 60 hz model. It depends on the serial number for your board. I havent had a valhalla in a long time so I dont know how to advise you.
2. Check the belt. If you get a replacement belt, once in a while there is a bad one. I had one that was too small and it definitely slowed down the table. I had a hard time accepting this at first, but it was true. Supplier ended up replacing it. It is possible, the dealer gave me the wrong belt.
3. Just because you dont see a speed control, you can adjust the speed on a Linn LP12. There are screws on the mount for the motor that tilts the motor. This sends the belt to a higher or lower position on the pulley. In this way the speed can be adjusted up or down.
4. I dont know how to advise you on where to get Linn parts. I think if you look for their distributors on their website, they may be able to help you, or email Linn directly. There are often Linn parts listed on ebay but I have no experience with any of those sellers so make sure you check them out. Also, check out some of the british audio mags like HiFi +, What Hi fi, and various others. They may be able to help you.
5. As suggested, check the motor. that was my problem. I had a Valhalla for years and years and years with no problem. But I did have motor problems so dont rule that out.
Hope this helped you.
I used a strobe disk to checked for speed and it was just a little slow. I tried to adjust the new belt to a larger diameter area of the motor pulley without success. It's hard to position the belt on the pulley because of the weight of the platter. I am going to wrap aluminum tape over the pulley to increase it's diamter to increase speed. The speed just a tat slow, I didn't note it before I used the strobe disk. I've been using VPI Arries 2 platter and bearing on my solid support home made TT. I just like to check out the performance of the famous LP12. I used a thin piece of carpet between the stainless steel plate and the motor and this eliminated the motor noise felt on the arm board. I checked for motor noise by using a medical stethoscope. I used cord sheet before and it didn't help much. Thanks for all your help.