Attention Verity Audio Parsifal/Fidelio Owners

I just discovered a tremendous tweak I would like to share with you. Well, I should not take credit for it, since it was featured in the recent Montreal Show. The room in question featured David Berning amp (I have a Berning amp) and preamps, Audio Aero digital source (got it), stereovox cabling (got it), speakers Verity Parsifal Encore (got them) and isolation by Stillpoints. A fewpeople whose ears I trust told me the sound was simply breathtaking.

I have always been somewhat skeptical of even the idea that a flat surface that a component or speaker would sit on could ever make a difference, esp since the Parsifals come with very nice brass cones, i mean that should be sufficient, right? WRONG! I should have known, since I'm the same moron who used to think power cords were also a scam, now i have electraglide epiphanies and could not imagine my system without them....

I had my Parsifals sitting on their brass cones directly on a hard wood floor. I received the Stillpoints on an audition basis, then installed them as recommended: first level them, then maybe have them at a very very slight decline (i.e., leaning forward a hair). I did it.

What transpirted next I was wholly unprepared for. The already wonderful sound was much better across the board. Far, far, really FAR more transparent, which allowed the inner detail of notes (their harmonic texture) to develop in front of me. With that came more accurate imaging and a more defined significantly taller soundstage. Not a veil lifted, but a smear wiped up. All the while, the music remained engaging and musical. I just sat there with my mouth open, wow, what an improvement.

You must pardon me for stating the obvious, since many many an audiophile has already had this revelation, but until you do it in your system, it's hard to accept. Also, I am sure there may be other good platforms out there to place these babies on, but I seriously doubt any in the Stillpoint price range would come close. If you own the Parsifal (or Fidelio I bet), you really owe it to yourself to get those damn things off the floor!

PS - I have absolutely no relationship to Stillpoints, and have nothing to gain by starting this post. I just wanted to share my enthusiam for a wonderful, 'under the radar' product I was prepared to send back - but now would not part with. To be completely open here, i did find a platform that was better than the Stillpoints under my digital source, namely the $1500 Harmonic Resolution Systems M3. So i did send back that component stand in favor of the M3, which incidentally costs TWICE as much. When the price is taken into account, and for less finicky components (amps, speakers, and maybe preamps) the Stillpoints are a major force to consider.
You're behind the power curve. Try them in conjunction the Risers and/or the Inverse Risers. Wait thers's more. Seperate the head from the base unit with a custom BDR, Symposium or Harmonic Resolution System shelf Etc or once again some SP's.
Art, did you place three Stillpoints under each Parsifal or did you use one their component stands?
Artg,I would assume(just speculation)that the cone/hardwood floor was creating feedback.If you're interested in perhaps taking it a bit further,my friend,with the "huge" Pipedream system,has just placed Symposium Ultra Shelves under each tower,and sub(also on hardwood,and we were all blown away,by the improvement.Best of luck!Even if you were a little "mean",but all is forgiven.
Thanks sirspeedy. We all have our bad moments, and I appreciate your willingness to move on!

I also have heard about the symposium shelves, I am sure they are quite good, as you experienced. As I said in my original post - DUH! of course isolating a vibrating speaker would make a difference - I thought it might, but was really not expecting it to be so dramatic!
I take it you used the model with the four support points. What do these cost?
Full retail for each component stand is $795. As with all audio, there are always deals to be had for serious/motivated buyers, so you may not end up paying full retail. Also they offer a trial period in which if not satisfied, you can return them - A no-brainer really

Here's a link to the Stillpoints component stands I used:
I got a Mapleshade speaker stand with similar results you describe - a dropping of the jaw. The true cababilities of the Parsifal are not revealed till they're put on a good stand.
I was considering the Stereovox for my Parsifals. I spoke with Julien at Verity Audio and he recommended The Purist Audio Design cables. Could you share your opinion about your speaker cables?
I have the Fidelio Encores and not the Prasifals, so this may not apply. I tried the Purist (cannot remember which ones) cables. Not to my liking. Bought Nirvana SL cables, speaker and interconnects. The Nirvanas were more detailed, natural. I have used the cables with McIntosh MA2275, YBA Integre Passion, and Audio Research CA-50. They worked well with all. I am using Tara Labs in my second system--prefer the Nirvana cables with the Fidelios. Hope this helps.