very detailed bookshelf monitor around $700 used

this theme has probably been beaten to death, but i'm shopping in the for a bookshelf speaker in the 500-800 (used) range for an office system. my room is about 10'w x 15'l x 10'h and i'll probably use a small sub. they'll be driven by an 85w/ch integrated and used 100% for rock and jazz of all types. my idiosyncratic criteria:
1. transparent, lots of detail, good imaging
2. good at low volumes;
3. unfussy about placement, as they'll be near a wall.
i've auditioned proac tablette, focal chorus/profile, sonus faber concertino, all of which have their strengths. your thoughts on any of the above, or anything else i should consider, would be most appreciated.
Celestion SL-700 if you can find a pair in good shape.
Try the von schweikert VR-1. It's great for detail and clarity, and works well at low volumes.

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I've owned the VR1s (which I foolishly traded for some ht gear), and they were great, although they don't seem to pop up used as much as they used to. i had not considered the nhts--bob reynolds, have you compared them to any of the aforementioned?
some older versions of the Merlin TSM may come in at around the $700 mark
Of all the small speakers you have listed above, the Proac Tablette 50 Signature is a much more detailed and upfront speaker compared to the Sonus Faber Concertino.
As you are planning on using a sub, here are two options under your budget; Quad 11L2 and Polk Audio LSi-7. I could live happily with either one.
both the proacs and the quads are very intriguing (i agree with ryder that the proacs were more detailed and quicker that the sonus fabers, which are off my list). however, from what i've gleaned, both the proacs and quads shouldn't be placed near a corner or wall, hence they may not work for my set up (i'd need to place them within a foot or so of my narrowest wall). if anyone has a different perspective, please weigh in.
thanks all for the feedback thus far....
If you could wait it out you may find some very nice DIY builds under your maximum price. Some may even rival very expensive monitors found on here.
The Usher speaker line is excellent-good efficiency, great imaging and nearly full range sound that does not require a sub. Try the X718.
I've seen PSB Platinum M2s for as low as $800, awesome speaker.
Green Mountain Audio Europa - not much to look at, but great bang for the buck.
Ascend Ascoustics Sierra 1s fit the bill.
Sequerra Met VIIs.