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This is juvenile...
She doesn't exactly, uh... bat for my team, but if she did it would definitely be Queen Latifah. 
Budget/value SS power amp recommendation
kbuzz, with 15 ohm speakers I might rethink your request for a solid state amp.  I'm making some generalizations here, but this could be a speaker that would work better with a tube amp.  I didn't look up the impedance profile of the speakers you'... 
Budget/value SS power amp recommendation
You list some nice choices.Parasound, NAD, and Rotel are also pretty solid options in that price range.Other options include Marsh, and old Onkyo or Yamaha, Conrad Johnson's Sonographe series, Outlaw Audio, Monarchy, or maybe an old Forte.What spe... 
Full-sounding SS amps (besides Pass)
I'm sure you're going to get many ideas here, but I once listened to a Plinius SA-100 that sounded exactly as you're describing.Another option might include the McCormack DNA series.Michael 
Chester Bennington passes...
Roxy, I agree.  I've enjoyed Linkin Park since Hybrid Theory.  It's one of my "guilty pleasure" bands to play, as well as being very well represented on my gym playlist.It's sad to see this happen to yet another young musician.Michael 
Amps from the 1980's -- What gear holds up sonically? Reliably?
Erik,You're not the only one who's going to get murdered in your sleep, as I have yet to find a McIntosh component that I liked the sound of.  And I find them hideously ugly.  My intro into audio was as a young college student in the early 90's.  ... 
Brightest but shortest artistic bursts in the sky
My vote goes for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a prodigy composer who died at the age of 35.Who knows what other masterpieces he might have composed had he lived longer.Michael 
Best divorce album?
Halestorm's "The Strange Case Of..." 
Best divorce album?
"Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood. 
PSB Gold v PSB silveri
I've owned the PSB Stratus Silver i's and I've heard the Gold's, as well.First, let me preface this by saying that both of these speakers offer outstanding bang for the buck.The Gold's have a deeper, stronger bass presence than the Silver's.  The ... 
Budget Audiophile Looking For Amplifier Suggestions
There are a lot of great choices mentioned, but I would add a McCormack DNA-1 to the list.Michael 
best network switch configuration for audio
Your design seems very sound. In particular, I applaud your use of a POE-enabled switch and wireless access points; I truly wish more people would understand the substantial benefits from having a solid wired ethernet infrastructure that also supp... 
Music Server format?
Congratulations on taking the steps to having a music server. This has the potential to open up your collection to entirely new ways of enjoyment, and allows for the discovery of hidden gems you forgot about. In addition, it might make carrying ... 
Best Small Floorstanding Speaker under $2K
For small speakers (especially when deep bass is not a priority), I've always enjoyed the Totem Arro's.  They have outstanding soundstaging and project a holographic sonic image.  A very unique and captivating sound.Michael 
Do you rely on RAID as your NAS backup?
tortilladc, I also use Crashplan for my cloud-based backups, and highly recommend it.  I run all major operating systems (Linux, Mac, and Windows) in my house and Crashplan backs them all up.  The amount of data is around 4TB total backed up so fa...