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Where do I find replacement CD jewel cases?
I'm actually more interested in the 2-CD jewel cases than the single cases. I have at least 10 double-CD cases that are broken beyond repair, to the point where it's difficult to get at the disc in the back. Does anybody know where I can find thos... 
Want a 5 channel amp that can drive 4 ohm loads
Get a Sherbourn 5/1500A. It works great with low-impedance speakers and you'll have enough money left over for a really nice DVD player.Michael 
Need Amp Advice?
I can't speak for the rest, but I heard the Rotel and the Sherbourn. It wasn't even close; the Sherbourn handily beat the Rotel in every department. It's hard to beat the Sherbourn 5/1500A for the price.Michael 
2 Center channels
My center channels are doubled speakers; so are my mains. I took PSB Alpha A/V's, unscrewed the backs of the speakers, drilled holes into the bottom of the cabinets and bolted each pair together so that the woofers are joined at the together and t... 
How do I choose a decent system?
For $2000, I might consider:California Audio Labs Tercet or Icon CD player ($300-$400 used)Arcam FMJ A22 integrated amp ($1300 used)PSB Image 4T ($350 used)This should provide a decent starting point and stay within budget. Good luck! 
5 channel amp for Paradigm Studio 100's
You didn't mention a budget, but since the two amps that you've mentioned are in the $1000 range, I'm assuming you're willing to spend at least $1000.My recommendation is none of the above. Instead, try the Sherbourn 5/1500A (200W/ch into 8 ohms, ... 
powered speakers recommendations?
If your budget is $2500, what is wrong with a 5-channel amp? My home theater setup currently uses a Sherbourn 5/1500A 5-channel amp (excellent amp, by the way) and PSB Alpha A/V speakers all around. The combo comes well under $2500 and sounds grea... 
Capability to Search for Local Used Equipment
Audiogon, why not grab the latitude and longitude associated with a zip code when a seller inserts an item for sale into the database. For instance, my zip code is 19144, so if I were to sell something, the Audiogon backend software would so out t... 
Any good shielded mini monitors?
An excellent pair of monitors for the money is the PSB Alpha A/V. They have been discontinued, but you can still get them for around $150/pair. The PSB Alpha mini's (about $30 less than the A/V) are also excellent, and slightly smaller, so they mi...