Pioneer Plasma Monitor

I have a Pioneer Plasma Monitor Model PRO 810-HD, $6200.00 new. Does it have any value today? If this is the wrong forum, please advise. Thanks
It has whatever value you find in using it.
I have a 42" Sony plasma I paid $4000 for (and the list price was $5000. 14 years ago
Today it is worth $200. at most. But I still love to watch it.
If all you want is to sell your plasma. You are way better off just using it. Resale value is far far below what it is worth in eye candy viewing.
Might be a good SD TV but it's only  1024 x 768, keep it and stick it in the kids room.

Cheers George
It will likely have lost about 1/3 of the brightness over the years. Otherwise a great TV.
My 2006  Panasonic Plasma(480p) still looks quite nice with over the air broadcasts(never bothered with cable) Convincing black/colors and detail. Just don't watch it one foot away from the screen.

I probably couldn't give it away-everyone would ask if its a 1080p, and when I tell them it isn't, they would likely pass!


hang on to it, especially, if the Plasma is a Pioneer Elite model.