Value Integrated Tube Amps

Where are the deals?  I have integrated Tube Amp/s. I want more. I need them for more locations, with more power. I dipped my toe in and paid more than I needed to. Where is the max value (quality/price)?
You're already in it. Tube integrateds are the max value already. You are at this point down to splitting hairs. In other words nobody can say for sure as from here on in it comes down to your particular taste and requirements. Except when it comes to power. There I think a pretty good argument can be made for max power/quality coming in around 50-60 watts. KT88, 6550, maybe EL34, somewhere in there. You can go higher, sure, and lower too, but that I think is the sweet spot.
Get a Scott 233 (nicely restored, of course!). I have that one and another similar Scott tube integrated! Great American-made classic tube gear from the 60's! No need to buy new Ch*nese! The Scotts will hold their value and will always be desirable!
Do do you really need an integrated?  Take a look at Don Sach's separates.  Great value and great sound.

I may be missing something, but preamp is $2,500, then the mono amps.  It is hard to see a total price for equivalent of an integrated amp.  Seems I can find a used something <$2K
Rogue Cronus Magnum II used = $1.5k done.
Seems I can find a used something <$2K
Sure you can, but it won’t sound nearly as good.  BTW, Chronus Magnum II is a great suggestion. 

For just a bit more ($2,895) and new, the Cronus Magnum 3 looks like a sweet upgrade from the 2. The CM3 can operate in Triode mode, using an external switch selects between ultra linear (100WPC) and triode (60WPC) operation on the fly.  Plus the CM3 has a new phono section that can accommodate low output cartridges - adjustable loading and selectable gain (44 dB or 58 dB). I haven't heard it yet but it seems like a lot of value at this price point for an integrated.
Rogue Cronus Magnum 3
Remote control
Phono stage
Triode switch
100 wpc X 2
Can use KT 120 KT 88 6550 KT 77s etc
 Top notch support and Made in USA
We Have heard and while a significant improvement it can also bias to KT77 for those British type speakers
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