Recommend a good value X-over w/stereo low end

Greetings all!
I'm wanting to active bi-amp, but without using a sub, since I've got monitors on top of woofer bases (Dahlquist CA2's on top of W2's). The crossover (Paradigm X30) only has a mono-out for the low end. It seems great if using a sub, but I want the woofer bases to also be stereo. Any suggestions for a good value in a crossover that will fit my needs? And I'm also open to suggestions of other ways to configure.
Thanks and happy listening.
The Dahlquist LP-1 electronic crossover, if you can find one. Usually go for about $300.
How about a Paradigm X-10; X-20; X-30? Available on the Gon @135.00USD up.
The Bryston 10 or even a Rane if you do not want to spend a lot. not cheap, but not *too* expensive, compared to the bryston, & at least as good.

re: paradigm x30, why not get two, these are cheap, no? or, if you're at all into diy, go here, & brew your own excellent x-overs for a veritable bargain-basement price:

doug s.

I don't think any of those cross overs can touch the Outlaw ICBM. Not only does it have stereo sub capability but it provides X-over control for all 5.1 channels if you ever went HT. It was origionally created to provide "extensive" bass management on SACD. The best thing about this bass management system is the price...$250.00!!!

Go to Outlaw Audio and read more about it.
The outlaw sounds promising but I'm simply using one X-30 per channel with my system and only using one input. A little more gear clutter but it works great.
In my opinion, the Krell KBX is the best money can buy, but it might not be in a reasonable price range for your system.

Good luck.