Tried Dynaudio Sapphires with Moon 330A + 330p - very disappointing

ok. some of you will kill me for this but I am trying out replacing my old NAD C720 ($200) with some better amp for my Dynaudio sapphires. I just tried out Moon 330A+330P (~C$8000) and went what??? There was certainly a difference but certainly not worth $8000? Utterly disappointed, I am now thinking of going for a decent integrated stereo amp (e.g., NAD 375BEE)?

Am I missing anything here?

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you are experiencing system dischord (no pun). Perhaps, Dynaudio and Moon are not compatible.  With higher end gear, careful selection is key to a pleasant musical session.  Keep auditioning gear, as it is the only way, to gauge what works to your ears.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Back when I had Dyn C4's I tried Sim W6 monoblocks and, like you, was very disappointed.  I will not own Simaudio again.
Simaudio Is not a god match for your Saphires,way too polite IMO and obvoiusly yours as well...Solid State,lots of power is the key.Pass labs,Plinius is a great starter and guessing a finisher,cheers
I agree with jafant, system synergy has everything to do with whether a system sounds great or is a huge disappointment ....

Sometimes putting budget components together can leave you more impressed than pairing expensive gear that you think should sound good together.

I really do not know the brand of electronics that are synergistic w/ Dynaudio.  Keep digging around these forums and you will find some direction to get started.  Happy Listening!
I have a Simaudio 600i ( Evolution series ) integrated driving my Dynaudio C1 speakers and it sounds great!  What source are you using?  It's been said before, you don't drive $16,000.00 speakers with lower quality components.

I heard the exact system that illuminator has and it was as good as i've heard anywhere.
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   Ray_Sonia, What is it about the sound that you found disappointing?
Would agree that Dyn/Sim has never been my favorite combo.  Pass X series or Krell FPB would be my recommendation.
Id say anyone using Simaudio  with Dynaudio hasnt heard what the Dyns actually can do as far as speed ,timber etc etc,IMO..Id also say most /not all concure that Pass mates better with Dynaudio as well as Plinius all day long compared to what is sugested above.Just stop your posting and do yourself a favor and try one of these two combos and be done with it.
We don't know what the OP didn't like about the sound...but... I had a demo at a local shop with Sim gear hooked up to Vandersteen Quatro speakers, which I was interested in at the time and which are widely known to be very natural sounding speakers. I played some music I know VERY well from a band I had seen live many many times. It did not sound natural at all. I was very surprised how off the timbre was. The guitars sounded like completely different instruments and their voices almost sounded like different people, or at least like there was some reverb or affect added... The system was SO colored and SO far from the real timbres I had come to know so well... 

 The gear was ALL Sim Audio, From source player through to the amps... 

I don't know if this helps anyone or not. But I think I have realized there is lots of gear out there and lots of audiophiles, too, that don't care much about realistic tone and timber OR plain can't hear that aspect of their systems. Maybe some have not heard it right to begin with or haven't seen enough live music? 

Maybe it was just the cables. I don't know what they were.

I concur w/ jriggy- the Vandy Treo/Quattro are very finicky, to say the very least.  The 1st order cross-over is very different from other brands, IMO.

I love my Thiel speakers (another 1st order cross-over) and demonstrates another point of view.