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Golden Ear Triton 1R break in and new footers
I have Triton References for a few months now. They seem to be improving with time although they were great from day one. I am interested in your future opinion of footers. I currently have them flat on my hardwood floors. I have them 7 feet apart... 
Buying advice: McIntosh vs SimAudio for Integrated Amplifier/DAC.
I own the Mcintosh C50 preamp with the MC452 stereo amp. I think they are very fine pieces. The Simaudio Moon is usually better. Let your ears decide but Simaudio Moon has always sounded great to my ears.  
Integrated Amp ideas for Dynaudio Special 40's
Dynaudio generally like high current and power. 
Salk speaker sound
I own the Salk Song3 and believe they are a steal at the price. It has detail and balance without any fatigue. I'm thrilled with my speakers with 3 years of listening. Jim and his wife Mary are great people too. It's nice to deal with good people.... 
Axpona reviewers perceptions and reality
@milpai  All their speakers sounded great. Correct. 
Axpona reviewers perceptions and reality
@instlouis     If i was in the market I would be going with the big floor standers. Atohm GT3. I believe they will be more well known soon. I liked the guys that ran that room also. 
Axpona reviewers perceptions and reality
Did anyone else hear the Atohm speakers? I went 3 different times to see if it was as good as I thought. Yes it was. Atoll electronics. Really good.  
Salk Sound Owners
Go ahead and order them. Great speakers!!! 
Axpona reviewers perceptions and reality
You might have missed the best Magico room. The new Classe electronics driving the S5 2 I believe. Great room. Eikons were great! Your Personas were great. Atohm speakers were the best I heard at a medium price point. I had never heard of them. Ki... 
Magnepan's new LRS?
They told me a few weeks for delivery.  
Magnepan's new LRS?
I ordered a pair on a whim. I like the sound of Maggies when I've heard them. I am looking forward to hearing them in my space. McIntosh MC452 driving them. 
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
Goldenear Reference speakers. PS Audio Directstream with Bridge 2. McIntosh Mc452 stereo amp. McIntosh C50 Preamp. The last two were bought at the end of last year. I think. LOL 
Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers
The Kii Three is awesome.  
What was your favorite speaker at Axpona 2019
Atohm was awesome! All their models were great! 
Axpona 2019
Atohm speakers room! Eikon speakers. Borressen.Paradigm and Anthem. Murisound.Magico and Classe.B&W 800d3 room.  So many great ones this year. Just a few of my favorites.