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Which Phono Preamp?
I own the PS Audio and like it a lot. I have heard the Pass Labs and it might be better. I would go that route for continuity’s sake. 
Sellers: When do you drop your price?
You will get $900 for it in my opinion. You can get it quickly or get it down the line. It is a good amp though. Hey maybe I’ll buy it. 
New-ish to Audiogon Forums... Is it always like this?
I might be ignorant on this but it would be helpful if there was a notification when someone posted in a thread that one is taking part in. I have seen people refer to me months later. By that time it’s moot. 
Power Amp suggestion
Great system. It's not the equipment that's lacking. Stay put. 
Salk Sound vs Legacy Audio
I have the original Salk Song3. I love them and can't imagine you wouldn't like them. I have heard Legacy at AXPONA and believe they are great too. I don't think the Salk's are overly detailed. Just right in my opinion. As a bonus, Jim Salk is a s... 
Economical full-range floor-standing speaker options?
Salk Song3. They are really tops at that price.  
Remarkably better sound possible with just 1 system component change?
Your equipment doesn't need upgrading. The setup of the room with all the extra speakers and multiple TVs is not going to ever let you get the BEST sound you could get. It's certainly not the equipment if the sound is lacking.  
Best integrated for my needs????
Decide on speakers and choose your amp accordingly.  
Flat speaker sound/preamp the culprit?/external EQ needed?
I laugh at your comments @millercarbon but I'm not proud of it.  You are a sarcastic devil. LOL 
Is Not Responding To An Offer Just Plain Rude?
No offer is an insult. Why anyone gets mad at an offer..... who knows? Just politely decline. I see most of the same stuff on here month after month. If I offer 60% after months on Audiogon you should be thrilled. The market works. People that pri... 
Aeris speakers amp
@steveindy I'm glad the Aeris are working out so far. The PLs are great amps I just wasn't sure if it matched properly. Great news!  To answer your question, I have sold the Goldenear References and the Mcintosh gear. I bought some Dynaudio Eviden... 
Aeris speakers amp
I guess I'm reading all the opinions wrong. The prevailing opinion is that you need alot of power. I don't think a small tube amp is what they are talking about. I own a PrimaLuna 400 and it's great but I doubt its right for that speaker. Try some... 
Amp to drive Focal Kanta 3
I owned the Devialet 400 for awhile. At first I thought it was fine but eventually I found it bright. I think Musical Fidelity makes nice amps in a medium price range. 
When does my class Atoll IN200 A/B integrated switch from class A to class B?
Interesting thread. I've heard the Atoll and it's a great amp regardless. Paired with the Atohm speakers at AXPONA a couple years ago, they were top 3 at the show. 
Why is there no love for Prima Luna?
Since I started following these forums I've discovered there are people that seem to hate the more popular brands. I own a 400 Evo integrated and doubt i could do much better in the system it is in. Speaker selection is always more limited with tu...