Transparent Audio? JPS? Nordost? Kubala Sosna?

Hi fellow audiogoners!

Contemplating to buy one of the following audio interconnects: Transparent Audio's Music Link Reference, JPS's Aluminata, Nordost's Valhalla, Kubala Sosna's Emotion Series and Tara Labs' The One.

Using Tara Labs The Two now. All feedback much appreicated.

Yes, they will all work.

What exactly do you find lacking in your system that you hope to achieve with a cable swap?
Do you like the sound of the Tara Two? If so and you want more of the same sort/type/sonic that Tara makes I would be very confident buying that cable.
The answer by Brf is absolutely true they all work and you'll get avid fanatics rooting for the cable they use. The only opinion that ever really matters in these sort of questions is your opinion.
To form an opinion you might try the Cable Company. They have a lending library that will allow you to hear the cable in your system in your space etc. I encourage you to get as much first hand experience as possible. Then make an educated purchase none of those cables are inexpensive so choose wisely and buy used if you can find what you like.

I have owned Transparent and those cables/cords plays very well w/ the following electronics;
Audio Research

I'm using JPS Aluminata IC's in my system (Hovland HP 200P , Threshold SA-4e, PS Audio PWT/PWD etc.). They are playing very well. However, on the loudspeaker side I'm using Progressive Audio Verdi; those are faster than the JPS Labs with even better resolution and dynamics!

Had Transparent Reference MM2 and Ultra MM2 before; the JPS Aluminata's were better in my system.

Hope this helps.
I have JPS Aluminata and Nordost Valhallas in my system. Bioth are first rate: Valhalla a buit faster and more transparent; JPS a bit better body and bass.

Better sounding than both IMS is Stealth Indra. These really combine the best of both, plus.

I used to use all Valhalla and now use Transparent. You need to start at least at the Transparent Reference level to compete with Valhalla. IMHO I'd you are comparing Music Link it will be in a lower league. Once you get to Reference, you get all the detail of Valhalla plus a fuller presentation. Your mileage may vary.
i have had all but the Tara's in my system and all were good at the time..some did things better then others but all were very good. that being said...i would give 'The Cable Company' a call and have them lend you, possibly, one of each to try. i would also have them send you one of the High Fidelity CT-1E interconnects to try also. the price is in the same ballpark and for my money..better then the rest...except the Tara which i can't comment on..just a thought.
Like Bigamp, I'm a Tranpsarent Audio convert. I run Reference cabling throughout, and hope to upgrade to XLMM2 sometime soon. I've owned JPS Superconductors, Analysis Plus Big Silvers, MIT Oracle V2.1, and a number of others. Transparent is the only company that'll mate your cables to your gear - once you get to Reference level. No other company that I know about does that. And you can trade your cables in against any upgrades you wanna make. My kinda company.
At the time of their respective arrivals, I loved them. All of them. They all seamed to be an upgrade (I bought the best for what I could afford each time). But once the left level of cables came in, it was "revolutionary". How could I have ever lived without this cable, right? It's been like that all the way up to TA Reference. I'm here to stay because they are a true syngergistic match for my Sashas and Lamm M1.2s.
Taralabs 0.8Ex will all but desamate the quality of sound of these other cables, Including the high-fidelity cable!,, The 0.8Ex is a new cable, A revision of the already good 0.8 cable, I have the Taralabs, The one, Its a great cable,, I also have the Taralabs zero gold, omega gold, Game over!
As it is with anything, tastes vary and, therefore, opinions vary. There is no best. We each operate out of our own perspectives and paradigms. And as varied as there are people, is as varied as there are opinions. And when you add to that the many manifestations of systems out there, it becomes impossible to say what cable will desamate another without testing various cables in the very same system. Synergy is everything. I'm glad you're enamored with your cables. That is always the goal when spending money, at least in this hobby. That tells me it was money well spent. What equipment are your cables tying together? Until I try this cable, which is not in the foreseeable future - as I'm currently on honeymoon with TA - I'm not sure anyone can declare with any measure of certainty if that statement be true. Happy Listening?
I can tell you with confidence, there is few out there that can even come close to the taralabs zero gold and omega gold, no high-fidelity, system dependency, not even the mighty nordost odin!, live with these cables a couple of months, you then will have no resavations!, Happy listening!
You have wilson audio and lamm,I love transparent cables, still, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, Taralabs!, no audition, bring them to your system!, live with them!, Then you will know the perfection!, cheers!
I am currently using Krell and Ayon And JbL!, I used This cable with other equipment to great effect!,Like eanybody else, I changed equipment for a different sound, to explore, If you must say!, cheers!
LOL!, Thats cool!, I would like that!,LOL!I want to keep them cables!, They cost, really, Way to much money!, cables should not cost this much!,They are merly cables!, Cheers!
What tranparent audio cable do you have?, I do respect Transparent, they are really good!, cheers!
I do agree1, there is no best!, system dependency is a must we can not get by with!, cheers!
Thats a fricken great cable!, you will stand alone as amongst some of the best available!, congrats!,, what equipment?, cheers!
Thats cool!, I enjoyed talking with you!, Hope I get To Talk to you again!, Happy listening!