Kubala Sosna Emotion/Elation cables


Does anyone know who Kubala Sonsa source their cable material from? Heard it my be from Japan, but do not know?

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Dear Jon47:

You asked if anyone knows where Kubala-Sosna sources their wire. I can’t answer that but I did get a look at their power cord wire when I recently finished up-grading the terminations on one of my Kubala-Sosna Expression Power Cords from the stock terminations to Oyaidi M1 and F1 terminations. I’ll describe what I saw and maybe that’ll help answer your question.

The Kubala-Sosna Expression power cable is made up of 6 individual… yes count them… 6 individual 10 or 12 gauge multi strand wires with all 6 tightly wound together (two blacks, two yellows, and two greens). I could only see about 3 inches of the wire, and there was no name on any part of the 6 wires I could see. The wire was a “soft” multi strand copper wire with no metal or cloth shielding. The outer jacket on each of the 6 wires was a soft almost rubber like material.

The Expression cables are in-between the Fascination line and the Emotion line of cables. I’m thinking the Fascination power cable line might be made up of the same wire but with only 3 wires instead of 6... … … and the Emotion power cable might be made up of the same wire but with 9 individual wires instead of 6.

I can’t imagine how the assembly person could possibly insert 3 strands of 10 or 12 gauge wire into the positive, the negative, and ground terminals of the plugs. Getting 2 strands of the wire in the terminals was almost impossible.

If you’re interested, the Oyaidi M1 and F1 terminations make a big difference.


Rich Swoik