Clearaudio cmb Emotion vs VPI Scout Master ?

Clearaudio has their special price CMB TT with Maestro Cart. Sounds like a good deal for under 2K. Now I have seen used VPI Scoutmaster on Audiogon for less. Any experience with both ? Thanks.
I have a Clearaudio Performance which was about the same price as a used Scoutmaster, but I was actually wanting to buy the Scoutmaster and fell in love witht he look of the Clearaudio. Yes, I am a shallow audiophile. Anyway, I love the Performance, and couldn't be happier with Clearaudio, but I can't imagine the Emotion competing with the Scoutmaster. Just look at the build of the tables and the pulley motor. VPI makes a great table, I don't think you can go a level below in another companies line and expect the same level of performance.
Thanks for the input !