Kimber ks 3033 vs kubala sosna emotion vs...

Hello all.
I am looking for the speaker cable for my system.
Vpi classic 2
ear 834p deluxe
manley jumbo shrimp
manley mahi
klipsch la scala
After reading lots of forums I found out for me several intresting speaker cables. I do not have any possibility to listen them but I read a lot about them. Now I am torn between kimber ks 3033, kubala sosna emotion and cardas golden cross. Also I looked at monocle xl, but I think that they are not of the same league. But I am newbie and I do not know a lot about them)
Could anyone describe these cables and help me to make decision regarding compatibility with my system. Thanks in advance.
The Cable Co will let you borrow them all. Just go to their web site.
Cardas Golden Reference The warmest cable of the bunch in my opinion. Will have a wide bandwidth and will have great depth and presence. It's midrange is a bit fatter and warmer than most cables. It is a quality that is either loved or hated in my opinion.

Kubala Sosna Emotion Is a great cable. Has great dynamics and soundstage. It has the ability to resolve inner detail and resolution without sounding etched or hard. Very neutral cable that will allow your system to shine. One of my favorites.

Kimber 3033 It has been awhile since I have heard these, but from what I remember they were a little more revealing of bad recordings and system faults. They were tilted a little more toward the upper frequencies in my system. I remember them having a tremendous amount of resolution and transparency while not sacrificing low frequency energy. If your system sounds a little to pedestrian then I would recommend them.

As always YMMV,