Kubala-Sosna Power Cables

I recently auditioned KS's "Fascination" speaker cables and interconnects, and am very impressed.

I am looking for feedback from anyone has used any of their power cables...

Which cables have you auditioned/bought?
What type of equipment did you use these with?
What sonic differences/improvements did you notice?
How do they compare with cables from other manufacturers?

I have auditioned and bought their Emotion power cords, replacing a variety of cords including some old Full Spectrum monsters, Siltech SPX-10 and TG SLVRs. I still am using K-Works "Dynamo" power cords (probably the best power cables I've had for reproducing transients) in the system in certain spots where they work synergistically with the Kubalas. I have mostly tubed equipment--Jadis JP200MC preamp, Lamm LP2 phono/ML1 (soon to be 1.1) amps, Forsell/Audio Logic digital, as well as Sonogy amps for 220 hz on down. I am also in the process of replacing most of my interconnects with the KS Emotion, and use the Emotion speaker cable. I find that the power cords work best in an all-Kubala Sosna system, though they work very well on their own as well. The sonic differences between them and the other power cords I've used is noticeable smoothness, better bass dynamics (particularly in the microdynamics area) and excellent overall dynamic reproduction, a marked decrease in high frequency hash and emphasis, making strings sound more like strings you'd hear in a concert hall, and a better top to bottom frequency reproduction, favoring the midrange but not really emphasizing one area of the frequency spectrum over another. Dead quiet, too, though in that area there are others like the K-Works that are their equal. Someone described the Kubala Sosna to me as a Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum of power cords, not a bad characterization although I would not call it colored in any sense, and since that's the cartridge I use, you can see why I like it. The fact I'm buying them would indicate that I like them better than other cables I've used, though I am not a fan of power cords, haven't used that many of the higher priced ones and once vowed I would never spend big bucks on them. They really make listening to music a pleasure, rather than an analytical experience, maybe that's the best way to sum up my feelings on them. If you're going with Kubala Sosna cabling in your system, they are well worth the investment, it really makes a noticable difference to have those cords in there, and if you like the presentation of the interconnects and speaker cables you'll love what the power cords do.
By the way, check out the threads by Macallan25 and Rgs92 (review) to see others' impressions of the cables and power cords.