Top line phono stages with at least 2 inputs

I would greatly appreciate a list of top line phonostages that have at least 2 inputs. The price range is around $8000.
Manley Steelhead
XB-10 Ray Samuels Audio
Allnic Audio H-1500 and the H-3000. $5600 and $10,900 respectively. Both has 4 inputs. 2MM and 2 MC
Allnic H1500--4 inputs

Allnic H3000--4 inputs

darTZeel NHB-18NS with 2 phono stages (includes a line stage)

Zanden 1200

that's 4 pretty good ones....
Nagra VPS with VFS platform is another to add to your list. Right under 8k new.
I agree with Jfrech. Try it you will love it.
Before Mike's post, I had never heard of the Allnic products. They look very interesting and very thoughtfully designed and executed, even tho I do not favor SUTs or transformer coupling. Has anyone heard either of the two units Mike mentioned?
You should consider Wavestream Phono Unit. This is by far the best phono unit I have had in my system and I had them all. It is design and built by Scott Franklin. It has three selectable inputs. You can preconfigure those to the right loading for separate cartridges. You'll need to talk to Brain at the Analog Room in Sna Jose, Ca as Wavestream is a boutique operation
check w Albertporter. IIRC, he is going to audition one of their phono stages.
Kevin Carter of K&K Audio has a new high end design that will sell under the Sonus Veritas name. Look for it in the near future.
Lewm, I had all (OWNED) three units. All three are very nice sounding. I have compared them to other top flight phono stages and prefer even the small H1200 to them all.

Since you asked about the diff between the H1500 and the H3000, here is my answer to you. Both these units are beyond anything I have heard. Firstly, they are NOT hi fi sounding which I consider to be a good thing. It makes you feel toghther with the music versus listening to your stereo. At least it makes you forget about the listening part and make you enjoy the music.

Comparing both these units, the H-3000 maybe because of the xformer coupling makes the sound very effortless and has the ability to transport you to the venue "you are really there feeling". Every LP sounds different. Everything sounds real. It makes other phono stages sound confused in comparison. There is no strain or stress in the music. Hearing is believing!

I read in forums regarding the Allnics not reproducing electric bass. This IMO is not true. Both my 1500 and 3000 had no problem digging deep and shaking the room. If you think the bass on the Pass XONO is great, wait until you hear the bass on the Allnic. The bass of the 1500 easilly equals and maybe surpasses the Pass. With the H3000, good luck. From Hugh Masekela to Santana. No problems with bass.

Hope my post helps.
Yup... Steelhead...
TW Acustic Raven Phono. 3 Inputs. 6 Loading Options. All switchable on the fly. Pure tube w. no step up transformer and 60db of gain. Only 3 tubes total in the phono stage. Extremely low noise.

Do you know the retail price of the Raven Phono?

If I remember right 9K
Swampwalker, Just wanted to be certain I understood you. Did you mean to say that Albert is auditioning the Allnic product(s)? Thanks.
03-22-09: Lewm
Swampwalker, Just wanted to be certain I understood you. Did you mean to say that Albert is auditioning the Allnic product(s)? Thanks.
Lewm (Threads | Answers)

The answer is yes. I have the H-3000 phono stage and L-4000 line stage. Last week I had both of the Allnic units, the Einstein The Tube and the Einstein balanced phono.

I also still have Aesthetix Eclipse Io and Callisto. It will take time to sort this out, I'll be posting on my system thread as I learn more.
TW Acustic Phono stage - I am with Dgad on this one.

new model has about 64db of gain.
Allnic seems interesting, some years ago I had Silvaweld Phonostage, that was was a good one. I've heard, the Designer is working for Allnic now.
There are certainly a lot more phono stages with more than one input than I envisaged. The allnic seems to be getting alot of opinion i.e. raves and some not so impressed.
Thank you all for the input so far.
Any comments on the strengths of Allnic vs Steelhead vs Dartzeel vs TW Acustik?

My current phonostage is the Sutherland Phd which has as its most outstanding virtue ,it's quiet background. How do the abovementioned rate in terms of a quiet background and microdetail retrieval?

Thanks again

Does anyone have experience with the Art Audio Vinyl Reference?
Syntax, From my readings and conversation with a dealer, the Allnic line is indeed produced and designed by the very same guy who was the Silvaweld designer. I think in the former case, he had a business partner who is now out of the picture. The products and all relevant parts (e.g., inductors, transformers) are hand-made in-house (in S Korea). The amorphous core nickel transformers would seem to have a lot of potential to dispel my own bias against SUTs in general.
Ecka, I did not see any negative comments about the Allnic stuff in this thread. It will be interesting to know Albert's opinion.