CD/SACD Player that is at least as good as OPPO BDP 103D

I have OPPO 103D. It sounds pretty good. It sounds better than all my CD/SACD players I have had at $2000 or under. I have separate Stereo and Home theater setup and I use it on my home theater. Its picture quality is noticeably better than cheap sub $200 BlueRay players.
I am thinking of buying another OPPO 103D (or 103). Used price is around $400. But I wonder whether there are CD/SACD players at under $1000 used (less than 5 years and in 8-9/10 condition) that are better than OPPO 103D on CD and SACD sound.
Any suggestion?
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Based on your price point, I doubt it.
A used Oppo 95. $500. Beat any CD player under $1000.
I had the 103, now have the 105,  and I believe the sound is significantly better
i have a 103, too, and while it's very good for streaming and video i've never been impressed with it as a cd player--my buddy's 95 is much better, as are my arcam 73 and sony es players. for a grand i think there's much better choices.
Thanks for all your input.

I’ve had Arcam FMJ CD23 and now I use Sony ES DVP-NS999ES.
Arcam didn’t sound noticeably better than Sony and I needed an SACD player, so Arcam is long gone. In direct comparison, to my ears on my system, OPPO 103D sounds a tad better than Sony.
I bought OPPO for my home theater setup, and its picture quality and 5 channel surround sound is much better than my Yamaha BlueRay player (at sub $200), and I’m happy with it.
If OPPO 95 does indeed sound better than 103D, I would seriously consider to go for a used 95, which appears to be the best bet.
Anyhow, for CD and SACD sound quality, which CD/SACD players (under $2000 used) will be noticeably better than OPPO 95? My main listening is on Classicals and Acoustic Jazz, with some rocks and pops.
My main stereo system is Plinius SA102, Plinius M16P, and Apogee Diva and Tyler Linbrook speakers.
Analog is Garrard 301/Ortofon RMG 309/Ortofon Gold SPU and Clear Audio Emotion/Satisfy Tonearm/Ortofon low MC cartridge.

It seems the Oppo players for CD/SACD are giant killers to some, quite average to others...just personal preference
All I have to add is that an old CEC belt drive CD transport sounds much more musical in my system than my OPPO.

However as it only plays CD the OPPO stays for sacd and bluray audio.

For just pure CD replay I think you can do much better than OPPO.

But when you throw in the need for a universal player, the OPPO probably has no equal on average.
Pioneer is supposed to make a Universal Player for a grand that looks and sounds great.  Sony makes a Universal Player for under $400 that has gotten variable reviews for audio quality, but considering that you like the Oppo 103 and the 103 was decidedly lower audio quality than the 105, you might find the Sony unobjectionable 
Your second question has now raised the used price from $1,000 to $2,000 for CD/SACD quality. I have owned the Oppo 105D and a Modwright Oppo 105D. I also still own an Oppo 203 and an Oppo 205. I highly suggest that you keep your eyes open for a Modwright Oppo 105. They can be had for less than $2,000 used. The price on new and used Oppo 205's has become more speculative of late. They are going for more than the suggested new retail price (which I think was $1,200). If you are looking for a universal player to equally handle home theater and CD/SACD audio duties, buy an Oppo 205--don't buy an Oppo 203. The 203 is okay, but the 205 is a significant upgrade IMO. But, if you are actually chasing the best CD/SACD sound quality (within that budget) and the home theater piece needs to be present but is less important to you, I suggest you hold out for a Modwright Oppo 105. If you can find a Modwright Oppo 205 for $2,000 or less, I suggest you buy it--and quickly. 
Thanks for all.
If I have enough disposable income now, I would not mind spending much more, even more than $2000, but I'd like to keep it under $1000. I asked about $2000 since it seems hardly likely that any player under $1000 would sound noticeably better than OPPO 95, and I was interested in knowing then what players can easily beat OPPO 95.
At this point, OPPO 95 will be my next player. Hope it works better than my Sony DVP-NS999ES. It sounds pretty, but I just feel that my current system can potentially do much better with a better CD/SACD player.
The Marantz SA1 is one of the top dog SACD players but again it is not a universal all in one.

I know it is nice to go with just a one box solution fits all , been there.

However for SACD replay there is better for sure.

My old Pioneer dv79avi does a better job of SACD and CD replay than my OPPO 95 but it does not do BluRay....

Can be a tough choice and always seem to end up as a compromise along the road in one aspect or another.
Pioneer dv79avi sounds better for CD and SACD than OPPO 95?

I really don't care much about BlueRay in my stereo system since I have a separate home theater setup with OPPO 103D player.
I might look into more options for just CD/SACD player at under $1000.

Among all these, I would pick an Oppo 105D. Why? Not only it play all format, it can stream directly from netflix and tidal. Why direct stream is improtant? because you would avoid cables and computer. it has a balanced out stereo as well as 7.1 analog for Netflix. Using iPad to browse and control. It also has a dedicated earphone amp. it can be used as pre-amp and directly link to an amp. Sound wise, it is a very subjective matter. You have to go to a lot live concert and compare. Tech measure, it is top notch.

I thought about 105D, but I've heard that there are not much difference of analog stereo sound between 93 and 105D, and they use pretty much the same DAC chip. I would listen to mostly CD and some SACDs.
If there's any difference, it would be hard to notice. Am I wrong?
Price difference between used 93 and 105D is about $500. I am not sure whether it's worth extra $500.
as per uberwaltz, i also have a pioneer dv79avi (for which i paid around $100 used), which sounds better to me for cds than my oppo 103--i haven't compared it directly to the oppo 95, but it's a very serviceable player if you want to save some $$$ and don't need the bluray/streaming

Yes the Pioneer beat out the OPPO 95 in my system.
Don't forget sacd cannot be output over digital, so using analog outs from Pioneer was better than OPPO performance in my system to my ears, YMMV.
Now I still use the OPPO for BluRay Audio and movies via HDMI ( you can output SACD this way too) but for CD the Pioneer is better.

Btw I paid $129 shipped for mine so pretty close to Loomisjohnson.
93 uses a Cirrus Logic, 105 an ESS...very different sound, though you may prefer the 93

Oops, I meant by 95, not 93. I'll go for either 95 or 105D. 
Go to ebay and search for Oppo Mods

I have a 105 to which I first upgraded in IEC and incoming wiring to PS board. It was impressive. I then ordered a < $150 power supply upgrade also impressive. I would do both at the same time.
There are cheaper choices, but I bought this one:

then  search for power supply. Lots to choose from ~ $120++