Thinking of buying a new DAC - Shiit Yggdrasil?

Looking for some advice regarding a new DAC.  Currently, I have a Gustard x20u with all of the Rick Schultz upgrades.  I like it, it's a very nice sound.  I recently upgraded to Acoustic Zen cables throughout--nice improvement.  I also have a Primaluna Dialogue HP Integrated amp (only RCA connectors).  I have the urge to upgrade the DAC as I'm now feeling it's the weakest link in my system.  My budget is around $2500.  I was leaning toward buying the Holo Audio Spring KTE, but that's a bit over my budget.  I've read a lot about the Shiit Yggdrasil Analogue 2 and am leaning that way.  There are also a few used for sale here on Audiogon.  :)     My question to the forum is, do you think the Yggdrasil would be a significant upgrade in sound quality?

Thank you for your help with this decision!!!

My system:
Bryston BDP-1 (used with Roon from my desktop computer)
miniDSP SHD (for Dirac room correction)
Gustard x20u with EVS mods
Oppo 105 with EVS mods
Primaluna Dialogue HP Integrated Amp
Kimber Kabel D60 BNC
Acoustic Zen Absolute 75 coax
Acoustic Zen Matrix II interconnect
Acoustic Zen Hologram II Speaker Cables
Furman Elite 20 PFi power conditioner
100% Pangea Power Cords
I am being blown away by the Grungnir Multi Bit right now so I'd say yes to Schiit. another popular option is the Cord DAC's.
See my post here.

The Yggy is very good DAC, but I think you could do better at that price point.
Love my Yggdrasil, Considerably outperforms my Node 2i DAC. My system is very resolving, SIm 700i and Sopra 2, so that may make a difference. You get a return period on the Yggdrasil so you can give it a try. I have learned these DAC’s are so system dependent. I wouldn’t sell my Yggdrasil, it has put digital in a new light for me.
You might look at Denafrips, as well. Still not sure if the Ares beats the Yggy (don't know if anyone has compared them head-to-head), but apparently the Denafrips Terminator wipes the floor with it (but it's also $2000 more)
As you see you will get strong opinions that really won’t be much help. You just have to try as many as possible and see what works best in your system. I prefer the r2r ladder DAC’s with my system. Many don’t with their systems. Good luck on your search.
I thought I would, and I appreciate the options given.  I did look at the Terminator, but way out of my price range and used ones just don't appear often.  Wondering if anyone has tried both the Gustard x20u and the Yggy.  Or anyone have an opinion of the Gustard x20 alone?

Thanks, everyone!  This is a great place to get expert, experienced advice.
I see Schitt has their first turntable coming out that looks very nice.  A lot of old Micro Seiki like design features for <$1000.  
You have the SHD or the SHD Studio? If the former, you don't like its DAC? It's not a bad chipset.
I’d say go for it. I had a Mimby before it. Still have it. It took my ears awhile to distinguish between both. Even while A / Bing them. Plus the Yggy was still breaking in and warming up, even considering I bought it used.  After a few weeks of listening on my highly resolving system (Eminent Tech. Speakers) I realized the Mimby had a midrange bump, wasn’t as dynamic and didn’t have the reach of the Yggy nor did it soundstage as well. Better detail with the Yggy also.All this saying the Mimby was better than every dac and CD player I had before it. Digital has come a long way in recent years, and these are my first R2R dacs. Definitely something right about that. I’m a professional musician and I know what piano should sound like.I did a ton of research before purchasing the Yggy. My wonderful wife said to go for it when I found one used. Yeah! It was a big purchase for me. I do remember reading somewhere that someone preferred the cheap Mimby over your Dac. Though I don’t think it had the upgrades yours did. I did research your Dac a couple years ago and almost bought one, but went the Mimby route. Also when I read above that the Denafrips “wipes the floor” on the Yggy, I don’t believe it. Better, probably (haven’t heard it). But from all the research I’ve done the differences are pretty subtle at this level.

I ordered the Yggy with the intention of listening to it for the 15 day trial just as a reference for a new DAC purchase (which I budgeted $20k). After listening to the Yggy, I kept it. For the music I listen to (classical) it was absolutely the best I've heard, especially with cellos and double bass. 

Nothing "wipes the floor" with the Yggy. But the again, no two people hear the exact same thing. At least with a 15 day trial period it will cost you a little over a $100 if you decide to return it.
Throwing another similar option into the mix, KTE version if you can afford it:
Have given any thought to the Primaluna EVO 100? I like to hear a comparison between it and the Schiit.
I made the plunge and purchased one of the Yggys for sale here on Audigon.  What a great seller!  I did look at the Holo KTE and really want one, but that's about $1k more than the Yggy, so maybe I'll see a used one come up at some point.  I"m sure I'll have to be fast as it will go quickly.

dfarirc777a, I did look at the Evo 100 too, but with my Primalluna Dialogue HP Integrated, that's a lot of tubes.  I've rolled the pre-amp tubes and want to roll the EL-34s at some point, and I was concerned about what the tube combination might sound like.  Didn't want to not like the sound and not know the cause (too many variables).  This is why I stay away from Analogue, there are just too many variables and the tweaker in me would be constantly changing things.  Having the Yggy just keeps the DAC constant in the mix.

Thank you all for your help and advice!  I will give you an update on the Yggy after I've had it for a week or so.  It was shipped to the original owner in February of 2018, so it should be broken in when it arrives.  

Congrats, the Yggdrasil is a great DAC, it has transformed my  enjoyment on digital music. Look forward to your review/thoughts.