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has anyone tried chinese cables?
If you go Chinese, go Ghent:https://www.ghentaudio.com/part/index-sp.htmlCheap, decent, and great ordering/ shipping/ customer service 
Speaker cables for Revel Studio 2
What is your budget? 
Ethernet Cable Question
fuzztone765 posts10-27-2020 8:25pm... I cannot believe that a dCS Rossini owner is farting around with cheap cable. Agreed!I do understand though that people tend to be skeptical on the benefit (or lack thereof) of an Ethernet cable, especiall... 
Esoteric n-01 xd vs DCS Bartok
Thanks for sharing your impressions @romney80 
SACD player recommendations budget 3k.
oceanblu6 posts10-27-2020 11:39amI sourced my Marantz Ruby SA-KI from Terry at GoldPrint Audio. Give him a call he can work with you on a Marantz. Did you mean Taylor? 
What are the top 3 USB cables being used today in reference systems?
These are called snake oil screechers. It’s a hobby on itself. No need to even have an audio system or even listen to any music  
Cybershaft 10Mhz master clocks, new products at various price points....
Hi @zephyr24069 forget the trolls. They will come and go. They will not replace us. We are here to stay. For the love of audio.  
Cybershaft 10Mhz master clocks, new products at various price points....
Hi @zephyr24069 you are truly a big asset to the Audiogon community. Thanks for all you do, no strings attached.‘Probably overtime, but the Esoteric N-01XD is an exceptional DAC, with an exceptional streamer built in. Truly SOTA 
Thank you @tomcy6 
Any specialized SACD online store in US you guys recommend? I am aware of Elusive Disc, but that's about it. Amazon's SACD catalogue is not good at all. And I try to avoid buying from eBay as you never know what you'll get. 
What’s the best DAC match for the Cambridge Audio CXC original or V2?
Hmmmmmm..... Cambridge? 
Esoteric combo doubt
You posted this question in another forum, and got some good replies. But I am happy to offer my two cents again.I would try to stay with 01XD series, if you can. It you spend a lot of time spinning discs, then get the K-01XD, and add a streamer. ... 
USB vs Coax Is one better than the other?
I agree with Dow Jones. Level matching is very important when doing comparisons. Also, from my experience only, take it for what's worth, USB cables tend to differ much more than the coaxial digital cables. In other words, upgrading a USB cable ma... 
Advice on CD transport
CXC is a few hundred bucks. So unless you live in a pretty beat up country, not exactly “average man’s salary “, unless you were talking about daily salary, which is not a blasphemy when buying audio equipment  
Beating a dead horse.... SACD
OP: based on what you have laid out so far, the choice of the SACD would not matter. Meaning it won’t impact anything. So pick the cheapest you can find. Good luck