Driving Gallo Reference 5LS

I've bought a pair of Gallo Reference 5LS speakers and am wondering if anyone has any ideas about what preamp would work work well with them.  If anyone owns or has owned a pair would also love to hear your impressions.
Hi dgh25
I use a Schitt Fraya via two Musical Fidelity X-P 200 power amps.
Lucky to also have two Gallo Tr3 subs running directly out of the pre.
For the money the Schitt Fraya is a no brainer.
Nice -- sounds like this is a good but (relatively) inexpensive setup.  I have an older MF CD player and I'm going about to order either an Exasound e32 or Yggdrasil DAC.  I hadn't thought of something like the Fraya and it seems like a really good idea.
Spending big dollars isn't always the path to get awesome sound.
I've decommissioned all my dacs and have gone to a Coctail Audio X-45 which you could use as a preamp ( I don't because the the Fraya is 3 pre amps in one.  Passive and two tube) 
The X-45 would give you a Dac... Streamer... Cd Ripper... Radio... Disc Spinner and more. You should check it it out. 
Ahhh . . . too many DACS!   I have tried a Qutest and Exagal DACs in my system.  I've also considered Mytek Brooklyn, Moon 290D (I think that's the nomenclature) and, as I said, a Yggdrasil.  I decided to try the e32 next.  Gets quite good reviews and they give you 30 days to work with it.  I think I'll try a Fraya also.  I think Schitt at least gives you 15 days (though they charge you 5%). 
Hi dgh25
Would you have the owners manual for the gallo 5ls.
If you do can I have a copy?
Hi Tony,  
I spoke with a very nice, helpful individual at Gallo (now evidently based in the UK) about this and he explained a user manual was never developed.  Apparently the idea was that the dealer would work with the purchaser to custom set-up the speakers at the purchaser site.  This would be a reasonable expectation of the dealer because relatively few 5ls models were made.
Hi Tony,
How do you have the speakers wired?  Are you using the two PS Audio amps as monoblocks?  Or, are you biamping (e.g., one amp driving woofers and the other driving midrange and tweeters)?  If you are using as monoblocks, are you using your subs and the only bass drivers or are you driving the entire speaker, including the woofers, with a monoblock?  Though I understand there is an inductor acting as a crossover for the woofers, I found that driving them with a full range signal was very muddy.  So, I'm biamping using the Gallo S.A. amp cut off at about 120-140 hz to drive the woofers.  For me it works better this way but I wonder if there is a notch in which I'm missing midrange.  Be interested in your experience if you're driving the woofers with a full-range signal.
Thanks!  Doug
Hi Doug
The Musical Fidelitys are dual mono and yes one for mids and tops.
The other for bottom end.

The Schitt Fraya goes to the Musical Fidelitys which leaves two pre outs for the two gallo subs.

I also have a Gallo SA but not in the system as yet.
The nice thing about the Musical Fidelity XP-200 is it has an output so it can be chained to the 2nd MF and in the future to the SA.

But at the moment the 5LS woofers are getting full range. Muddy? 
I`ll turn the subs off listen and let you know. 
Hi Doug
Not Muddy with subs off.
Interesting, and good to know, thanks for doing the experiment.  It's probably a room issue (and I meant Musical Fidelity, not PS Audio, not sure where I came up with that). 
Well... I bought the Yggdrasil... because all of the reviews said it one of the top 3 dacs at any price, ranking with the best available.  And... though skeptical... I was pleasantly surprised... it is, as they say... "on a whole other level." 

Just incredible... detail resolution, air, ambiance, soundstage, imaging, dynamics, etc., etc. - which combine to present a real, live sound that the performers and venue are right in your audio room.  You hear all of the sounds of the venue - if its in a club / dining room you hear the sounds of the diners, the ambient sounds of the performers chairs, shoes, etc. - everything that combine to make it sound like you're right there in the audience.  Not to mention the details of the instruments and the performers hands / breath / etc. playing them. 

It's very much like the sound you get from a tube set-up, with speakers that have very high resolution and rich mids (e.g. ESL 57's, or Harbeths, etc.).  Some, don't like the "harmonics" of tube set-ups, others think they add an air of life-like sound.

Of course, this assumes you have a streamer / player, amp and speakers that can deliver that clarity and resolution.  But, if you do, very few DAC's will provide that same "life-like" sound.         

If you're a fan of such a "life-like" sound, then you may be similarly impressed.  If those artifacts distract you, or your system is limited in its capabilities... you may prefer a smoother, more obscure sound, without all the details. But, as for me, I love that type of sound.