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Best small, desktop speakers, $500 or under (new or used)
Probably go JBL 530, Paradigm Atoms, or KEF LS50 
End of the World system
I would walk to Tekton and drag back whatever I could however long it takes 
Tekton Design MOAB
If you have an extra $1500, would be a no-brainer to get the MOAB. However, if money is tight get the DI. I will be ordering the DI when I can - and can confidently say that after I do so, I will not look for another pair of speakers as long as I ... 
Dumb break in question...
What other Hobbies or Interests Do You Have?
Seriously, no other Pong guys? 
Audio Connection/Johnny Rutan
Definitely gonna stop by next time in Jersey. Can't wait to hear the Uber high end Vandersteens 
Why Does CD Sound So Good?
Not sure if placebo, but, yep, I'm with you. CD sounds better than streaming for some reason... 
What other Hobbies or Interests Do You Have?
Ping Pong a close second after hi-fi 
Tekton 4-10 Subwoofer
Great news AF32! Glad to hear of another satisfied customer (seems to be the trend here). Question: does it seem like the sub does well at 20hz (flat down to 20), or does the output seem to have dropped a few db at that frequently? I know may be h... 
Finally bought a new Turntable!
Also Roberjeman always has excellent advice. If I had MC I would get a SUT as he pointed out 
Finally bought a new Turntable!
Try the 47k setting and let us know what you think 
Trivializing what I have is the best...
Get the Sennheisers, they are the best 
Tekton 4-10 Subwoofer
To those who have ordered these lately. What kind of lead time are they giving on delivery? 
Tekton 4-10 Subwoofer
Thanks Phas, besides center of gravity being a potential issue with the 4-10s, the 2-10s also have much better WAF. Interested in your impressions as well. 
Cartridge Upgrade - Nagaoka or Goldring
Haven't heard the gold ring, but the Nags are magical. The mp-150 might be the best upgrade I ever did to my system.