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First Post- what not to do
Don't attach a cartridge to a head she'll with stylus in -take it out first! 
Phono preamp
Mani. Also, Folks are trying to get Jason and Mike to build a tube phono-preamp. Hopefully that will become a reality since would be a good addition to the Sol when that finally comes out (Hopefully soon, but there have been many delays) 
Tekton Double Impacts
Anyone powering their DI's with a Nuforce STA200? I'm thinking this combo might be particularly good 
LP Analog to Digital File using Schiit Audio JIL ADC
Pretty sure the sample rates need to match on the Schiit and Audacity. Try also experimenting with 192Khz to see if you get better results 
Demo'd a few sets of speakers over the past 2 weeks...
Just a heads-up on this. Did an audition of the Tekton DI and was damn near a religious experience. Not sure how they do it. They are really on to something. The speaker seems more than the sum of it's parts. I am saving up for these, so no need t... 
DENAFRIPS DAC ---- Owner Impressions, Feedback, General Discussion, Questions and more....
I like it. Now..which one do you enjoy more the yggy or the ares? 
DENAFRIPS DAC ---- Owner Impressions, Feedback, General Discussion, Questions and more....
Dang, Yggy got beat down...Now....Who would win between Yggy and Ares? 
DENAFRIPS DAC ---- Owner Impressions, Feedback, General Discussion, Questions and more....
Anyone compared Denafrips to Schiits best offerings? Yggy and Gumby vs Terminatoror the Bimby vs the Ares (since prices are similar) 
Cassette tape
I really want a Nak, but don’t want to deal with fixing old/broken ones...Hopefully Nakamichi (or Schiit) will make a brand new one that's simple but focuses on pure sound quality 
Topping D50 vs Schiit Modi Multibit vs Topping D30 vs SMSL M8A DAC
Based off of some reading I've done on this subject, I've heard that the Topping D30 may be the most "audiophile" sounding dac of the bunch. I think you may have to go to head-fi and some of those other sites to get more of an opinion on this topic. 
Cassette tape
Nice! the BX-300 seems like it's the best bang for the buck Nakamichi you can get. You get yours off of Ebay? what tapes are you buying? how much are repairs? I'm Jealous!  Have fun ;) 
Another Cart opinion thread....
I've done a direct comparison between  AT VM540ML and Nagaoka MP-150. Nagaoka MP-150 is the clear winner with fuller sound and better dynamics. The 540 is too thin and analytical (for my taste) to the point where music just isn't enjoyable. 
Cassette tape
Cool sites. the first link doesn't have cassette tape (or they ran out). What are the best quality tapes out there for the money right now? I heard there are 4 types of tape, but honestly I don't know too much about it other than to buy "metal" tape 
Cassette tape
How's the Nakamichi treating you? I am interested in transferring some of my Vinyl to cassette, when I still want analog sound, but don't want to fiddle with the full vinyl process. Does cassette stay pretty true to the sound of your vinyl front e... 
Recommendations for a Phono Preamp
Mani - has 4 adjustable gain settings - good stuff