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answer for beginners, pls
Audioengine B1, works great, sounds great, and is easy to use. Has its own Dac, priced new at 199.00. You can get from Music Direct or a number of other places that will ship same day. Many reviews on line.  
How many of you believe in MQA?
Larry there is a field under Settings on BluOS App, that refers to MQA External DAC. It took me a while to find access to it. I think you need to engage it if you have an external Dac that does MQA. I don’t have an external MQA Dac, so I don’t hav... 
how hook up bluesound node 2 to external dac
Try both, I prefer coaxial in my system. 
Separate Dac, and what kind?
@big_greg, agreed you are not missing a thing. Node has full MQA playback, that’s why I bought it and as you stated can be bypassed to my Yggdrasil if I want. Great piece for $500. 
Schitt Yggdrasil Vs. Bluenode 2i (Shock!)
Coax I use is 75 ohm blue jean cable from Node 2i to Yggdrasil works great. Biggest improvement however was with Triode Wire Labs Digital American Power Cable for the Yggdrasil. TWL allows a trial period if you decide to return the PC. Good luck. 
Integrated amp
I have 3 systems, Two Hegels and the 700i. The 700i is in another league over the Hegel integrateds, as is the 600i which a friend of mine has. The Hegels are good but the Simaudio units sound like separates. As stated earlier you have to test thi... 
Integrated amp
Nice! many thanks. 
Integrated amp
For a point of reference on used 700i V1 (6K) vs 700i V2, what is the price a dealer is looking for on a new 700i V2. I think retail is around 18K. Thanks for any insight you can provide. @hgeifman 
Integrated amp
There is a 700i for sale at 6K. I have one, it’s an amazing piece, plenty of reviews to be found. A steal at 6K.  
Thinking of buying a new DAC - Shiit Yggdrasil?
Congrats, the Yggdrasil is a great DAC, it has transformed my  enjoyment on digital music. Look forward to your review/thoughts. 
Thinking of buying a new DAC - Shiit Yggdrasil?
As you see you will get strong opinions that really won’t be much help. You just have to try as many as possible and see what works best in your system. I prefer the r2r ladder DAC’s with my system. Many don’t with their systems. Good luck on your... 
Thinking of buying a new DAC - Shiit Yggdrasil?
Love my Yggdrasil, Considerably outperforms my Node 2i DAC. My system is very resolving, SIm 700i and Sopra 2, so that may make a difference. You get a return period on the Yggdrasil so you can give it a try. I have learned these DAC’s are so syst... 
Physically connect a Bluesond Node 2i to a downline, stand alone Chord Qutest DAC
When you run a digital cable it bypasses the original units DAC. 
DAC Event in Phoenix AZ August 24th
Sorry if I missed it somewhere, what were the Test tracks?Thanks.  
Physically connect a Bluesond Node 2i to a downline, stand alone Chord Qutest DAC
I have used both optical and coax (75 ohm cable), both sound great with my Yggdrasil. Since all 2i outputs are on at the same time (my integrated has no dac) I can run RCA’s to my integrated and coax to my Yggdrasil and A/B the Dac’s, prefer the Y...