The most creative word for plywood you know.

How about this for one.
"The material used for this enclosure is calibrated cross laminated Beech."
Admittedly, a perfectly good material for a speaker box. I just found it amusing that the company web site went to an extreme to avoid calling it plywood. Can you come up with a good one yourself?
Doesn't have to be plywood, can be any material such as plastic, which never goes by that name in audio.
engineered natural composite
PVA, or 'glue' to the common man.
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Chip board, OSB and Medium Density Fiberboard are not the same.
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Pre mechanically masticated engeneered organic component housing product.
Acoustically optimized, polymer dampened, sustainably harvested, proprietary wood laminate, patent pending.
I always liked furniture from the "Early american pressed wood" era. Like my "cherry" bookshelves from Office Depot.
Oriented strand board=OSB.
I seem to recall seeing something like "marine quality, layered Meranti cabinet" once. That's not too shabby.
Rotary cut multi directional 17 ply polyepoxide bonded deadfall harvested Acer saccharum enclosures.
Actually, Marty,
Marine may actually mean something when attached to 'plywood'.
Interior plywood can be pretty much steamed apart. The glue? Minimal tolerance to moisture and don't get it outright soaking wet.

Exterior? Upgrade in glue to more wet resistance. Good for roofing and underlayment of flooring.

Marine? I don't know if that is a separate category, but it would imply a VERY waterproof glue. Some marine glues will even withstand boiling water.

You CAN but shouldn't use interior plywood to make a boat. If you got a single season out of it, you'd be way-lucky.

Void Free is MUCH more important to the cabinet builder and generally, the more plys the better.

As an aside, I have shelves made from 1" MDF. But this is MDF on steroids. It took 2 people to move a 4x8 sheet. You can't even dent the edge with a fingernail and it almost doesn't float. It is almost dense enough to use metal tools and put threads in it (tap). I have no idea where my buddy got it, but if I were in a speaker building mood, this is where I'd start. It was expensive, too.
Magfan- sounds like vhdf to me (very high density fiberboard)!

Right you are! It was probably more the "layered Meranti" part that I found amusing. IMHO, taken as a whole, it's still a pretty good job of puffing up water resistant plywood.
"X" material or is it "S" material these days... just kidding...
"glue-lam". In the right hands, with the right glue and the right hardwoods, much more malleable initially and, when the glue sets, dimensionally stable.