creative suggestion needed

Hello to all,

I have two old Sony ST-5600 tuners, both are working well.

The problem is on the glass lense that the station frequencies are on, one of the tuners has damaged numbers and type on the inside. The other one is near mint.

I could of course just keep the damaged one as a spare for parts. However, I would like to keep both of them alive.

I was thinking that I could have a color copy of the good lense printed on acetate made and mount it to the inside of the glass on the bad one. Haven't been able to find anyone that can do that yet.

Second, I talked to a computer vinyl sign guy to see if he could scan the good lense & cut the letters so that I could mount them on the inside of the original glass. He said since the font was so small, it could be done but the cost would be prohibitive.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks a lot,
If you have a model/hobby shop nearby you can get water-slide decal stock in 8 1/2 X 11 sheets. A hi-res photo of the good glass and you should be able to make a decal. I used to make my own decals by running it thru my computer printer.