Creative Cable Concepts Pigtails

Have anybody tried Creative Cable Concepts Pigtails??
I am wondering if they really work and truly make a difference iin the sound. Anybody out there have any experience with them??
I ordered 4 pairs for my Von Schweikert VR-4 SE speakers from Music Direct.I should have them the end of the week 3/26/04. If they do not make a big difference back they go.
Thanks Fred. Please let me know what do you think after listening to them.
Yes, they work in a variety of systems. One of my customers suggested I could be out selling drugs on the street corner, they are that good :-) He went ga-ga over 'em on his Avantgardes and his tube amp.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm a Creative Cable Concepts dealer, and there are some interestings things in the pipeline.

Brian Walsh
What are they? I can't find a web site.
The Pigtails are about a foot long and connect at one end to the positive terminals of the amplifier and speakers, with the other end hanging free. They filter out RFI and other noise. I know, it sounds like snake oil... They are not effective on equipment with Zobel networks built in, like the Parasound JC-1 amplifiers, but the effect can be obvious with other gear.

The website is at Mine is my user name + .com

Brian Walsh
I got two pairs from MusicDirect for $200.00. I tried them first in my B&W 803N. I plugged them in the positive terminals of both low and high frequencies. The difference was noticable. The bass got tighter, the sound stage got a little bit bigger and the high frequencies got cleaner and more defined. These speakers are driven by a Threshold S550e which has the Stasis system and low feedback. Since these devices are designed to eliminate the back energy wave with low feedback their effect is not as impressive.

Then I moved them to my B&W 801 Matrix S3 which are driven by a pair of Sonic Froniters Power 3 monoblocks. Placed in this system their effect was very distinctive and good. Basically I had the same effect that in my other system but in a lot higher degree. They made the system sound sharper but without lossing the sweetness of the tubes.

I think thery are a very good tweek specially in tube based systems.