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Watched the MTV awards that night
I watched most of it. I'm an old fart but enjoy music of most any genre. While I hadn't listened to much of what I heard on the show before last night, one artist "the Weekend" really put on a fantastic performance. Find it somewhere and listen to... 
Tenor OTL 75wi vs 175s
I also owned a pair of Tenor 75WI around the same time that Mike owned his. I actually spoke with him prior to buying mine. They were "magical" but didn't really work well with my speakers either. Mine ran out of gas just as yours do. I was concer... 
The King is dead, Long Live the King
I can't remember a day going by that when blues was mentioned that BB King's name wasn't in the conversation. Very sad to hear of his passing. Heaven will be a much better place with him playing up there now! 
Wadia cd player repair
Thanks, I'll try to contact both of them and let you know the results. 
What did you get for Christmas?
I got an Ipad ii and I'll be damned if I can figure it out...I can wire and cable up a multi-channel home theater with my eyes closed but maybe some day I'll get this bugger working 
Which companies deserve a star for Christmas
Aesthetix Audio couldn't have been nicer or more considerate in their dealings with me. Always helpful even though I was buying a pre-loved Janus from another Audiogoner. Communication was great and their courtesy and kindness went well above the ... 
Veteran's Day
Thank you to all who served for not only your service but especially your family who gave so much too! 
Are CD players dead
I'm not very computer literate and I thought about considering a music server and I'm sure that it will come to that eventually. Who in my household will set it up and organize it all because it sure won't be me. In the meantime, I've just purchas... 
Why aren't the older members still active ?
I've been a member since 2000. I probably have read much more than contributed in all these years. I need to get my almost daily fix of audiofilia to find out if I'm still alive or relevent in this crazy arena. Sure there's some redundant stuff bu... 
Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa-"Don't Explain"
If you want a real treat rent the Blue-Ray disc of Joe Bonamassa Live at Royal Albert Hall. He's an amazing artist and phenominal guitarist. It's well worth the $5! 
What started you on your audiophile journey .
My father...He was building speakers back in the 50's and he just loved music of all kinds and enjoyed reading about and owning the latest equipment. He got me started and I'm still playing. He's 95 years old now and still sneaks new components in... 
headphone cable adaptor for xlr to 1/4 "
Thanks everyone. It looks like the "dongle" is what I need. Funny name, but the Headroom adaptor should do the trick. 
Audience customer service...A+
I second that! I sent a couple of pairs of cables for an "E" upgrade and the folks at Audience couldn't have been more accommodating. It's kind of neat when the president of the company personally answers the phone and is willing to talk shop and ... 
Great films where music is a central theme.
Thin Red Line. Apocalypse Now 
Why Do You Still Have Vinyl if You Don't Play it?
My wife was asking the same question. My present setup doesn't include a full function preamp so for the last seven years I've run my cd player into my amp and haven't been able to. Got the itch to play some vinyl again so off to the races we go g...