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JM Labs Altos
I own a pair. I suppose it depends on a number of factors. I drive them with a Boulder 1060 connected with NBS Omega 1 speaker cables. I run my Wadia 861 straight into the amp via Tara Labs 0.8 balanced interconnects. I wouldn't consider my system... 
Feel good factor music........................
Try Keb Mo " More than one way home" Always makes me smile! 
Herbie Hancock on the Grammys
I didn't watch very much of the Grammys, but the piano duel was really a sight to behold. Both pianists were phenominal with their playing, timing, and interpretation. 
Who is your favorite jazz pianist
Joe Sample has been a favorite of mine for many years, beginning back when he was playing with the Crusaders. 
Cats and audiophiles
I have 2 cats about nine years old. They are sisters and couldn't be any different from one another. The one will come into the living room and jump on my lap as soon as I fire up the music. I'll bounce her around to the beat and drum on her to th... 
Man, am i losing my hearing?
Hey you guys,Why spill the beans here on a national forum? You know as well as I know that your hearing is fine and that subconsciously(or consciously) you automatically filter out anything that you're not really interested in listening to. My lon... 
System Pictures - Should Owner be there too?
You can see ugly people anywhere, but wouldn't you rather look at a pair of curly maple Avalon Eidolons bathed in the glow of a pair of mega-buck valve amps. Why detract from the pure beauty of audio nirvana? 
Wadia direct into amp, Sound a bit too lean??
I own a GNSC Statement Wadia 861 and run mine directly into a Boulder 1060 amp. I've tried many ics from Jena to Tara 0.8s(including MIT Oracle V1.1s, both single ended and balanced. I am currently using the 0.8s(balanced) and NBS Omega 1 speaker ... 
Dustcover suggestions?
Try contacting member Vtvu. He specializes in fabricating dust covers. He can make any size you want and his work is excellent. He made a pair of dust covers for a pair of Tenor 75Wis I had a couple of years ago and did a great job. 
What's your worst excuse for an upgrade
Oh, and I forgot to add...she's right! 
What's your worst excuse for an upgrade
It's plain and simple as my wife says...you're never satisfied, you always want more! 
Our we Lazy?
Boy, you've opened up a jumbo can of worms. I've run the gauntlet, starting with all ss equipment and ultimately ended up with all ss with the exception of my tube phono pre. I've owned some pretty nice ss gear over the years(Spectral & Rowlan... 
Best Neil Young Album?
Harvest, Unplugged, Live Rust. I recently bought Greendale and I'm just starting to get a feel for the concept. I know others tout it as being his best in many a moon, but for me, the jury's still out! 
Help my speakers are farting,,,,
Is there any odor eminating from around your speakers? Sometimes speakers just impersonate "sneakers" and cut some pretty nasty cheese when you're not looking. I'm sure that you've heard the saying that "these speakers stink"...they actually do!!!... 
Favorite Lesser Known Sax Players
Sadao Wantanabe