Anyone heard of Creative Sound Solutions?

Hi everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster. You know how that goes. I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this brand before. Looks like they’ve been around for a while and recently changed ownership, but I had never heard of them until now. I’ve never gotten into some of the kits like this, but I have had a friend who has built some in the past. He picked up a pair of their kit with the Satori 5” woofer which they are calling the Model P215.

I got a chance to hear it at his house this past weekend and I have to say I was really pretty impressed. It is very small in person. It doesn’t seem to be much bigger than a shoe box. However, it has very, very impressive bass for its size. Very clean midrange and the highs were excellent. Lots of detail and overall still very smooth to listen to.

So what’s the deal with this company? Anyone heard of them before and if so, why aren’t they more popular? They’ve been around for a while so was the old owner just not putting out good stuff? The kit is only $400 for the parts. You do have to build your own cabinet, which is a bit of a hassle, but they also have a tab on their website for custom cabinets. I’m thinking about reaching out to them to see how much it would be to just build the cabinet for me. I’m not that great with woodworking so I would probably have to have someone else do it for me. I really liked these though and for the price of the parts, it seems like a great deal.


I built one of their subwoofer kits before. Not the most attractive out there but it was some of the cleanest, deepest bass I've ever heard. It was only a 12" sub but with the two passive radiators got down to basically 20 Hz flat on its own without any room boost. If their speaker kits are half as good as their subs, I would guess that they are a great value. 
So I decided to go ahead and buy one of their kits. I am going to have my friend help me build the box. It probably won't be the prettiest but as long as it's solid it should sound nice. I'll keep you updated on it once I get a chance to build it and some more long term listening. Here is the link to the kit for anyone who is interested:
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