The best hybrid amp?

I'm getting tired of reading all of the threads on ss vs. tubes. It gives me a headache and is confusing. The answer may be a hybid. which hybrid is the best? How about price points of 1K, 2.5k, 5k, and no limit?
The Counterpoint SA and NPS series were phenomenol. I just got my NPS400 upgraded by Michael Elliot and the sound of this amp is so incredible. Hard to find a more coherent tonal balance and natural presentation in anything close to the price. The inputs are tube (6922) and SS output.
Music Reference RM-200.Read more than glowing review in Stereophile archives[April 2002]online.Pic on their website.Any of their products hard to beat anywhere close to their price range.Extreamly reliable too....JD
LAMM M1.1 monoblocks

Could be some of the best amps on the planet.

Cost is $15k or so new. Used is about $7k.

Many in the know feel a digital hybrid amp will be the future of audio....we'll see.
PS Audio HCA-2. I real bargin in hi-end audio.
Blue Circle is makign some big waves with their new pair of hybrid amps the BC28 and BC24. Check out or do a search on
I think Tenor may have a hybrid out as well
I would have to second the RM-200. Unreal detail, liquid smooth sound without sounding to tubey. I bought one and sold it, only to buy another one when I relized how how much emotion it brought into my living room and much I missed it!!
Wasn't this thread about hybrid amps? I thought the Music Reference amps were tubes (input and output stages) ... and I was unaware that PS Audio did anything in the tube world.
Speaking of Blue Circle, at the "no limit" level you have the AG8000 Class AB monoblocks at $14,500 list.
Well it makes sense to get best of both world, but
my humble opinion,i will go for ss amp, and good
tube preamp, or good tube cd player.This works for
me and i heard a lot of this combinations, i like
to ssimplify things, my friend we use do argue about
electrostatic and dynamic speaker,the one who own the d speaker
they are bias about d are betterthan the e speaker.So what i
did bought dynamic speaker, CASE CLOSE, EITHER WAY
TRYING TO BE FUNNY. tO MAke audiohobby more crazy like
Sam Tellig.
Some nice suggestions above. I would add Llano Design Trinity hybrid amp to the list. It offers extra flexibility because you can insert a wide variety of small signal tubes (takes 2) and change the overall "flavor" (and gain) of the amp significantly. Its output stage is MOSFET, which I tend to prefer over bipolars. Llano has an in-home trial offer (you order direct from the factory). I haven't heard the newer Counterpoint (or Aria) amps, but I owned an earlier Counterpoint and was always pleased with the hybrid sound. Really does give some of the liquidity and "presence" of tubes but with SS control of the speakers. Presently I own two Llano Trinity amps, used to actively biamp Maggie MG3.6's. I use the 300W amp with 12AT7 tubes for the bass, and the 200W with 12AX7 or 5751 tubes for the mids/highs. This give me the "tuning" of the amps as I mentioned above. Still, I'd love to try a Lamm someday.....
LAMM,my friend.Any f. one of them.
David Berning ZH-270

Lists for $4,500, sells for $3,800.
OTL-bases amp with SS base and tube mids.
Search here and at AudioAsylum for accolades.
Unison Research Unico for $1295 msrp. Review at: contender could be the Pathos Logos for $3995 msrp. Review at:
Jafox, is sure does look like this is about hybrid amps, without furhter qualification, and the HCA-2 IS IN FACT a hybrid amp. Check it out.
Bi Amp. SS on LF and tube on HF.
The PS Audio HCA-2 is called a "Hybrid Class A" by manufacturer, but I am pretty sure it is not "hybrid" in terms of a tube stage (usually input) and a ss output, like Counterpoint, NYAL Moscode, Llano Trinity and some others. I think it may be "hybrid" in terms of traditional analog ss input stage and digital output stage, as the web site mentions JFET input and SDAT output. I am going to compare the Llano to McCormack 0.5 Rev A in my system sometime very soon, as I have a Llano enroute. Will post thoughts with MY system after it arrives.
Yeah- just checked a review and it calls it a "digital switching" amplifier which has some characteristics of Class D amps and some of Class B amps. That's where, IMO, the "hybrid" comes into their marketing. But its not the same as the "hybrid" that from the context, to which, I believe, the original poster is referring.
check out the DK Designs integrated, pretty special.
No one for a Lazarus H-1A? indestructable amp..and sweet sounding!
Here is one for your consideration:

You get a wide bandwith highly linear tube front-end and an unsual solid state output, and yes, the combination works extraordinarily well, if I may say so myself.

For vinyl junkies, there is also soon a super high performance Phono Stage - unsual circuitry - available soon. And prices are very reasonable.

OK, I have to include disclosure, I am the manufacturer. :-)
Moscode 401HR
It's back, new and better than ever.
Counterpoint is great with the new upgrades,good luck,Bob
Counterpoint, esp. with mods & Lamm.