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My kiseki Blackheart nightmare.
“Bad batch of Purplehearts”.   Don’t you mean bad batch of Blackhearts?  Either way, I’ve read about quality control issues re: Kiseki and sympathize with buyers who’ve experienced defective cartridges.  I’ve had mine for 5 years or so and have ha... 
Best skiinny floorstanders
The Manger P1’s are excellent.   
If you had access to a time machine, what concerts would you go back to see?
Allman Bros with DuaneBob MarleyLittle Feat with Lowell Dead with Jerry anywhere, anytimeRoy Buchanan at the Livestock show 
Which speakers did you find bright, fatiguing or just disappointing in some way?
The original Talons failed to impress but eventually Mike got it right and the latest versions are excellent.  Gave a pair of Fritz monitors away after a month of suffering a bright upper end and total non-linearity.  (Owner was reluctant to take ... 
Audio Lessons Learned - post your best advice for the newer members!
there’s a difference between what’s ‘better’ vs. what’s ‘different’and a difference between what’s ‘better’ vs. what you prefer  
Audio Lessons Learned - post your best advice for the newer members!
Know that the most important component of any system is your ears - take care of them now. When they begin to go you can't get them back, at least not fully; hearing aids can help, but they are certainly no substitute for the real thing. Practice ... 
Help! Spakers damaged during shipping?Paid insurance (with proof)being told not Insured?
FOB means freight on board which means wherever the FOB point is, any freight beyond that is paid by the recipient.  Some shippers prepay freight which means the FOB point is the ultimate material destination.  Some shippers ship only FOB plant (f... 
Warm romantic & detailed
your preference perfectly describes the Sonus Faber Olympica lll’s added benefits:  gorgeous cabinetry, huge sound stage, detailed and resolving yet relaxed and sweet sonic signature; listening for hours even at high volumes - not a problem  
Pass Labs x250.8 vs tube amps
As an X250.8 owner with a First Sound tube pre amp I find that an hour or so is all that’s needed to achieve 100% optimum playback sound quality.  If the system improves after 6 hours I’m unable to hear a difference.  
Speakers which always sound good
There’s a pair of Manger P1’s listed on Agon and have been for a long time.  I’ve owned Von Schweikert, ProAc, Sonus Faber, Fritz, Aurum Cantus, Totem, Talon, Wharfedale, Quad, KLH, Jungson and have listened to Merlin, Maggie, Silverline, Focal, M... 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
Eliane EliasBlossom DearyAlison Krauss Eva Cassidy Moms Mabley 
What tube pre-amps pair well with Pass amps?
I’ve run my First Sound preamp with both the X150.8 and the X250.8 with great success.  Outstanding match in all sonic regards.   
Amplifier Upgrade Decision
Since 2017?  Replaced my SF Oly 3's with Manger P1 passives; replaced the Hegel CDP with a Marantz SA-10, added a JL Audio e110 subwoofer, moved up the Shunyata line with newer model interconnects and speaker cables, added a Schitt tone control un... 
What does a tonearm contribute to the sound of a turntable?
Larry needs to gain some experience  and knowledge before comparing a high end vinyl rig and quality acetate to the sound of a telephone.  That’s like comparing Lawrence Olivier to Popeye, or Raquel Welch to Phyllis Diller.   
How bad is this?
Before you open up the FS pre, make sure to drain the capacitors in the power supplies by depressing the buttons for that specific purpose. Mr. Go is now in Brooklyn and, if open, will gladly help you with this repair, personally I wouldn't send m...