Teo Game-Changer IC's - get on the bus!

I wrote an extremely long review of 4 cables auditioned in my system recently. I pontificated for way too long and it was more an outlet for me to tell a story that cables do matter and how much each design can make your system sound. The last cable through was the Teo GC IC purchased here and it truly was a game-changer in how it shifts our paradigm about what wire gives us as "truth" and what this slurry of Ga-In-Sn can do better (IMO). Not a technical review but an emotional roller coaster through 4 different topologies:


I'm happy to re-broadcast that here but it is very long (6+ MSWord pages long). I'll point to it for now and take your advice.

Bottom line is the GC cable is truly stunning in what it can do and for us mere mortals who cannot spend thousands on cabling, I believe it can elevate anyone's system to new heights.


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Oh, over on AC I am bigredmachine and here I am bugredmachine. A typo when I registered years ago.
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You know Iam intrigue between Teo, Cerious Tech, HF Reveal, I have the HF adapters they do work great on my systems, with CT and Teo I will be guessing.Doug Schroeder reviewed the expensive one as well. Reviews said HF and Teo match , also CT and HF match, Who is the dealer for Teo in US?

I ordered a pair on Thursday. Looking forward to giving them a shot.
Don't know of a US dealer, if any.

Can't lose Walter. You can always return them.

I just had an audiophool here who had been an audio dealer for years and he heard the difference with them.
Agreed. The return policy is more than fair. I hope your friend will chime in with his impressions. Your write-up was excellent and persuaded me that these were worth trying out. There really is no downside.

Once I get them, I will report back with some thoughts.
Several US dealers are listed on the TEO site.
Thanks! for sharing- bugredmachine
Walter kindly state your gears, speakers, and cables you are using when you write your impressions,this help a lot for me and other Agoners.

Excellent point, jayctoy. My system:

Amp: Line Magnetic 508ia integrated with upgraded tubes

Music Server: Aurender X100L

DAC: Lampizator Atlantic tube rectified

Phono preamp: Allnic H1201

Analog: Well Tempered Amadeus/Audio Technica ART-9 cartridge

Speakers: Daedalus Ulysses

Speaker Cables: Cerious Graphene Extremes

Power Cord: Cerious Graphene Extreme

Interconnects: Cerious Graphene Extreme

USB Cable: TotalDAC

Like most audiophiles, I have been through a lot of cables, including (most recently) High Fidelity CT-1s, Fusion Audio Romance 2s, Jade Audio Hybrid, and too many others to list. I really like the Cerious cables, especially the power cords and speaker cables. The interconnects are also very good, but perhaps not quite as extraordinary as the speaker cables and power cords, at least in my system. I could certainly live happily with them, but I admit that bugredmachine's review piqued my curiosity.

I don't know exactly when I will receive them as I have yet to confirm a shipping date with Teo Audio, but I will follow up here when I do get them. If I like them as much as bugredmachine does, I will get a second pair between amp and phono stage.

We'll see in due course...

Walter thank you for listing your system, I do really appreciate it.Thats a lot to ask but thank you, You gave me more info regarding CT cables, nice well thought system, I heard those Daedalus at Axpona here in Ohare Westin, they are the one I remember most ,that sound good on the show, very musical and dynamic speakers....I got an Email from Teo cables , if I order today, they will ship it next Monday, I was told, they are trying to to make previous orders at this time..
Thank you, jayctoy. I just received word today that my cables will ship on Thursday or Friday. I'll get them sometime next week and check in shortly thereafter.

Yes, I have been very happy with my Daedalus speakers. I've built the rest of my system around them. They are not only great-sounding, but very nice to look at as well.

With Teo's return policy, you can always send them back if they don't excel in your system. I look forward to hearing them.
Walter, did you actually compared in your system Jade hybrid ICs or speaker cables with Cerious Graphene Extreme or some others? The Jade hybrid cables are simply outstanding even so several times more expensive than Cerious. Its all very system dependent. In my system the Cerious speaker cables did not sound to what I hoped them to be based on many praises. They threw narrow sounstage and lesser bass than my Purist audio Aqueous speaker cables by the time I had them in my system.  I did brake them and let them settle for about 150 hours.  When people praising the new brand(s) of cables its always helpful to know what they actually compared them to.
Denon1, no, not directly. I agree with you that the Jade hybrids are outstanding--I had them for several years and sold them as part of a total system overhaul a few years ago. I would love to get another pair to compare to the Cerious, though they rarely come up in the classifieds.

As far as the Cerious speaker cables are concerned, I found them to be a significant upgrade over my previous cables, as well as several others I have heard. I have no experience with the Purist Audio Aqueous cables, though I am not surprised that they are excellent.
Is the Teo Audio website not up to date?
I don't see any mention of this new "Game-Changer" cable.

AFAIK, the game-changer line of IC's are being sold direct here on Audiogon. Simple search should bring them up.
@t_ramey , thanks.
Yes, I've seen the ads for sale in the marketplace.

I was just wondering if the cables are anything different from what they have posted on their website. 
On the website, all they reference is liquid audio cables.

I'm guessing the "Game-Changer" is so new that they do not even have it on their website yet. Maybe still in beta mode?
This is the first instance I've seen the game changer mentioned which was last June. A few guys share their experience with the cables compared to some high dollar sets and then also guys wanting to know the science behind it. I found it interesting...

Does Teo offer XLR ends or only RCA ends for the interconnects?
Teo Audio is located in my city (Kingston, ON). Ken Hotte is a straight up guy who is incredibly knowledgeable and, more importantly, very curious. He’s also a very nice guy, to boot!

I first tried his Game Changer IC last year, figuring I couldn’t go wrong with his money back guarantee. Prior to trying Tea Audio's cables, the most I had ever spent on a cable was $250. So this was a big upgrade for me. 

I was blown away by the difference his IC’s made. I would echo bugredmachine’s review comments. Since then I have added another pair to my system.

FWIW, my system consists of:

Amp: Golden Tube Audio SE-40 Special Edition monoblocks (modded)
Pre: Don Sachs custom 6SN7
Turntable: Roksan Xerxes
Tonearm: Rega RB300 (w/Incognito wire, Audio Origami SOFC external cable, Michell technoweight)
Phono Cartridge: Decca London Super Gold
Phono Stage: Croft RIAA
CD/SACD: Esoteric DV-50S
DAC: Teac UD-501
Digital: Asus VivoPC (headless PC running JRiver MC21)
Speakers: Martin Logan Spire
Speaker Cable: Grant Fidelity SPC-2.5 5n Copper
Does Teo offer XLR ends or only RCA ends for the interconnects?

They will do XLR, but I am pretty sure they will say they do not recommend them (dollars versus performance).
I am receiving my second set Tuesday per the UPS notification I have. Can't wait. I may spring for some speaker cables if I go mono-blocks.
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(Note to self)I need to update my systems page.

I would say the second pair so far is more of the same. I only have 90 minutes on them so next week might reveal some changes. I think the thing I keep experiencing is that everything sounds so real. I do feel like things are a little softer but then again as I have stated, these do not congest the sound. I am wondering if my mid-level at best cables just could not keep up being plain ol' wire .

I still think that we have been trained to hear what wire can deliver and take that as our reference and now this slurry of metal changes our paradigm of what to expect. I still get attack from things that are supposed to have leading edges. I find that the music just seems to have so much more soul and body and depth. I have great top end triangles and violins and my bass is off the charts. Midrange is where I see the depth. Instruments sound so meaty. I have some tracks of predominantly drumming and I can easily hear rolls of snare drums of all types. As a drummer I recognize the difference between wood shells and metal shells. And I can easily pick out with the Teos whether the tom tom was struck in the center or near the edge of the head. Cliche coming: now I want to sample everything because listening to music is one more notch funner!

I also have a pair of OTL mono-blocks coming next week so I can see if they light my fire.

I am reading the Reveal thread to see if mixing in HFC speaker cables might be a nice match even though I really love my CT Graphene SC's. But with mono blocks they are stupid long for that set-up. I'll try the graphenes first when the monos show up next week.

Is the GC available as a digital cable? Looking for a nice coax digital cable without breaking the bank. 
I don't believe a GC version of digital has been offered. Give them a call. They are easy to talk with.
I emailed and have yet to hear back. Thanks.
Let us know grannyring if they do as I'd be interested in a digital cable as well.
Hello, Apologies for not answering sooner on both questions.

The GC cable is unique in the line up. It is RCA single ended only.

A balanced cable would be a wholly different configuration and design, and would be priced accordingly. A digital cable (which we make in RCA terminated format) would also be a different design compared to either a balanced cable or the GC RCA cable.

The GC sits alone in our range as a very cut price direct sale unit, serving as an introduction to the technology.

(Ken Hotte
Teo Audio)
Thanks Ken. So just to be clear, you do make a digital cable terminated in RCA but just not in the Game Changer line of pricing?
Hello, yes, that is correct, we make a digital cable in our regular line up. To work it's best, required -in my thinking- some custom shielding/ground materials I had to develop.

I made a interesting little short video that illustrates the evidence of the critical difference of liquid metal vs solid wire.

Now I have to figure out how to post it...(I'll probably start up a YouTube account.)
Bugredmachine I read your post on Cerious Cables thread, compare to Teo which one is better.
I am still using the Graphene speaker cables and searching for something better. The Teo's were significantly better than the Graphene IC's. I preferred the Morrows over the Graphene IC's. Read through the AC post linked at top. My Triniums from Audio Magic are for sale cheap right here.

If I could swing the Teo speaker cables I would.
Good enough bugred, that's my impression that Teo will be my first choice to audition, then HF n CT  maybe last because Bob too busy to send you one faster than HF, Yes I did read you post at AC.  Thanks 
Walter anything to share yet? Iam eagerly waiting.

As a matter of fact, I received the Teo cables two days ago and have been trying to pin down my impressions. Ken says that the cables will continue to break in for another 80-90 hours or so before they reach their full potential, but I will say that they are already--right out of the box--truly incredible.

I cannot improve very much on what bugredmachine has already said, except to echo his observations about the almost surreal clarity of these cables, along with the sense of dimension, texture, and impact. Give me a few more days with them to be more specific, but let's just say that I have already placed my order for a second pair.

The oldest cliche in high end is that something makes all your recordings sound new and different, but that is just how this feels to me. Like recordings I have known most of my life have been remastered, revealing nuances I have never heard before. For example, I have heard Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" about ten thousand times over the past 35 years or more, but with the Teos installed I was struck immediately by how easy it was to pick out individual instruments in the lead track, "Second Hand News."

I know this sounds like typical audio hyperbole, and I do want more time with them before coming to any definite conclusions. But so far, color me impressed.

I knew I wasn't losing my mind!!!

I am happy these are making you happy. I really want the SC's but at $11k for the shortest set I need a raise. 😃

I am very curious if the HFC SC's would work well. I have some mono blocks coming today and a shorter set of SC's would be helpful. I do love me Cerious speaker cables but am paranoid!

I can echo Walter's impressions as I received my first pair on Monday and am impressed as well. I too use the Rumours album and specifically the Dreams track to gauge how Stevie Nicks' voice sounds and to me she has never sounded better. Her raspy unique voice is all there with great clarity and sounds phenomenal. There's something about the way these cables make instruments sound that it's hard for me to describe other than saying everything just sounds right. 

I'm anticipating the second pair I ordered...but I'm not sure I want to go down the upgrade path with these in seeing what the higher end offerings bring. The GC's seem like such a great value I think I want to just enjoy them for what they are. But I can understand bugredmachine wanting to try what else TEO offers. 
Walter, Tramey thanks, that's what I read at Audio Circle.iam sold.

Walter, Tramey thanks, that's what I read at Audio Circle.iam sold.

Imagine what all that does to Atmos and surround systems. If one wants to be truly put into the film, well, 'natural believability' in soundscapes, is ultra critical.
There is one fellow on AC who PM'd me that his Teo's were just not good for him and he is keeping his much more expensive HiDiamonds. He said they collapsed his soundstage and made him a little dizzy trying to concentrate on what was happening where. Don't know the rest of his system but knowing him it is top notch for sure.
Right now that is the only audiophool I personally know who has rejected them.
Bug what model are those and what length ,are those  rca?
I need 1,5 m  ic, rca, I would assume he is from the US.
I will pay Teo cables if they are the right one Iam trying to audition, he can ship them to me...Teo will refund him..
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I said "personally" geoff. The rest of you I have not met. 

Agon member mantis007 jay, both of his are one meter

He's got me looking at Hidiamond products now. Argh

Pretty sure they call that anecdotal evidence, second hand info or casting aspersions or whatever.