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Aric Audio's Motherlode II line-stage keep me up all last night
@yoby  I purchased many, and I mean many, butcherblock slabs over the years for isolation on the Adona racks and on the floor, etc. I just put small rubber bumpers or equivalent Vibrapods between the steel and wood.  No heat build-up on my compo... 
Aric Audio's Motherlode II line-stage keep me up all last night
@zm  I had a Sachs and really liked it, BUT, for the life of me I could not eliminate the noise it sent through the tweeters. I tried every trick in the book and eventually gave up. I had even wrapped it in Sapele Pommele veneer as I had enjoyed ... 
Aric Audio's Motherlode II line-stage keep me up all last night
I love mine. Have Linlai Globes in it. Check out my system page. I need more up-close photos of it.  
DAW vs Alexia 1 vs Sasha 2, descending order of $$
I had a similar conundrum. I sold my Sasha 1's in 2022 and auditioned the DAW's and Sabrina's in Tennessee where I was headed. I definitely wanted the DAW's and at that time the dealer would not take my Sasha's. So I sold them and moved to Tenness... 
New Pass amp X250.8
Try risk free a NRG The Five power cable from Canada. I stumbled on them and they have transformed my system by reducing all noise on the AC lines. High-Fidelity | Audiophile | NRG Custom Cables | Home Audio | Canada  
Power conditioner wire gauge? Serious issue
Buy a Kill-a-watt meter and put your mind at ease. You'll most likely find that you are pulling way less amps than the wire can handle and have a very high MoS. Several years ago I measured my entire system through one of these and was just under... 
Power cord length
No worries. I have a 27 foot cable from the rack to the amp out in front. Electrons are quick!! ha  
TV screen behind speakers
When you go to First Reflection websites such as: Locating areas of first reflections (acoustic.ua) They indicate the center position between the speakers as a reflection point. So covering that up when listening critically is important.  
Any Nashville enthusiasts?
"Ha! I am here in Franklin, TN for another year still!"   Awesome. I am about done with my room. Who wants to help me heave my Alexia's up a flight of stairs?   I also need to check out the Sternklang cables at Colin's. I've been very busy wit... 
Nashville TN
Just moved to Nashville. DOn't have my new room set up yet.  
Any Nashville enthusiasts?
Just moved to Nashville and Bill just hightailed it to Chattanooga!  
Don Sachs Owners Thread
It uses a one amp slow blow or 2 amp fast blow. Does not pull much.  FYI, the most I ever measured a total system draw at full tilt Class A amps as well for ALL components was under 5 amps. SOmetimes components make a large draw on turn-on, but on... 
Wilson Audio Yvette vs Sasha 2
The Sabrina is very nice, but the Yvette is so Sasha-like and in a different league. When we pivoted 90 degrees in the showroom to move from the Sabrina the smiles all around were like winning the lottery with the Yvettes. They were so close to my... 
What do you use to keep high gloss speakers clean?
I also use the Meguiars on the Wilsons. What really works well on the Camaro is Bead Maker. Easy on spray gives a brilliant shine on paint, decals, and windows (ala Rainx). I'm sure it would work wonders on the Wilsons. But I'm not driving them th... 
Best place to insert a new higher end cable in my system?
I've had more impact pre to amp, but let's not pee on each other's shoes. Try both! I would suggest moving up from AQ though. Audio is fun!😁