I've got a 'classic' system; Rega Planar 3, Sonographe SC1 pre-amp, Counterpoint SA12 amp and Cabasse Galiote bookshelf speakers.

I'd like richer bass and am planning to add a REL sub-woofer. I am looking at a T5 on Ebay. Any thoughts on this? Good idea? Bad one?  any caveats?

All input appreciated!

Wonderful! you will not be disappointed as long as you are connecting with the Spkon cable coming off the main amps outputs (same as main speakers). Upgrading the Spkon cable to one from Signalcable I highly advise as well. Love the system btw :-) When you properly setup the REL your whole system seems to be energized in a way that allows the main speakers to play more freely and the whole system sounds more musical, very special indeed. If you want thump and power get a JLAudio E112 or 110 :-)

Matt M
I have a JL e110 in a 2 channel only system and it's awesome!
Mattmiller (others feel free to chime on). The seller of the T5 says 'no power supply or other accessories included'. What accessories do I need? Is this just the Neutrik Cable (or Signalcable), or does it have a separate outboard power supply too?

Please advise. Thanks!
Why buy some beat up POS on Ebay? I think this sub will be a much better choice!
No outboard supply for sub is needed. all you need is a good power cord and the spkon cable and your good.

Also, Id rather have a beat up old REL then a SV sub. ??? not even close.


I would have to agree,I would rather have a Rel or a Rythmik.
If the ebay seller is reputable,go for it.

Plus one on the JL Audio e110 powered subwoofer.  I've had several, and sold every one of them.  Beyond my pay grade and patience level to properly integrate a sub.  System, room, patience, and skill limitations have caused me over the years to eschew the use of a sub......until I installed the JL Audio e110.  All I wanted was a little extra oomph in the low frequencies because of my acoustically challenged room, which is large, misconfigured, and highly reflective (windows, tile, granite, hardwood, high ceilings, etc.).  I did not expect this little sub to do what it does.  In speaking with Randy at JL, a tremendous resource by the way, the e series was specifically designed to satisfy us old two channel only dinosaurs.  Just to give a brief example of what I experienced:  listened to Brown's Bag by renowned bassist Ray Brown (RIP) and I swore I could hear two double bass bass-lines coming through simultaneously: a deep rhythm refrain plus a higher pitched bass solo.  Couldn't figure it out, how could a bassist play both the rhythm and the lead?  Could it be done?  Hell, I don't know!  I read the liner notes on the album - of course!  Over dub!  So yes, he was playing both the rhythm and lead, but I'd never heard it so clearly before.  Never really even thought about it before, but the point is the e110 made me hear it, made me figure it out.  Of course Randy says two is better than one, but for now I'm plenty satisfied with one.  Maybe later.  (Sonus Faber Olympica III)  Also note, install the sub per their recommendations:  pre out to sub, sub to power amp, power amp to mains. Use the e110's internal Xover.  Highly recommended.     
So I left it too late to pick up the REL  T5. I'm wondering about just getting  SVS that mattmiller recommended,or a Rel T Zero. I'm not interested in home theater; just music.

Any thoughts on relative merits of  these?

Thanks for your input!

@gasebose There is a REL-R-328 for sale today for $600. The listed retail price of $2700 seems wrong to me. I recall it being something more like $1800 or so. But, $600 is a good deal if it is truly a 9/10. I own two of these, use them only for music and I recommend them. You would have to talk the seller into shipping it to you if you don't live in Austin. But if you're covering it that shouldn't be too hard. 
Even for music, the T5 and T Zero don't really have the extension to cover the the audible frequency range for a lot of musical content.  
Thanks Astewart! But I'm planning around a slightly lower budget; this is my first try at a sub-woofer and it's kid of experimental. But thanks for the suggestion!

Tutetblimperes, I'm sure you're right. But I'm not really looking for floor-shaking sound; just a bit more bass than I get from my Cabasse Galiote bookshelf speakers.

Appreciate your input!

Understood. A subwoofer used appropriately won't shake the floor much. Instead, it will provide seamless extension from your mains. RELs do this very well.
Happy hunting!
First upgrade the SA-12.  Buy Nichicon I think 30,000uf PS caps (I think the blue stock ones are 20,000uf so go the extra size just be sure they fit in there.  The upgrade the diodes to HexFred, add a filter choke, and then add Caddock output resistors, check the values on the ones on the AC connectors.  Then make a decision on adding a sub.  Happy Listening.  
If you're patient you can score a great REL used. I bought a Q150e for 200 bucks (in great shape about 5 years ago maybe) then a little later found a minty Q108II also for 200 bucks. I doubt newer RELs sound any better than these things, but I have no idea. These prices might be a little bit of luck, but they show up often enough I've actually badgered friends into buying used RELs when I see a good deal. I make the the Neutrik "high level" cables myself as it's easy, and I use Canare Star Quad wire because it looks good and works great. The bass in my listening room is astonishingly musical, and easily adjustable.
You can't go wrong with a REL. I have an S5 SHO and it blends beautifully with my PSB T3 towers. Properly dialed in,  the REL will add that final sense of space and delicacy in the lowest octave. Good luck! 👍
Thanks, guys! 

Bigkidz, I actually had all the capacitors in my preamp, amp and speaker cross-overs replaced. I don't know what brand he used, but he tells me they all had upgraded capacitance.

Chazzy and Wolf, I am keeping my eyes open for  used REL on ebay. I had actually bought a T3, but it showed up badly damaged, so I returned it. There a 201E and a 150E for sale, at

Neither seems to be in great condition, but they say they work well. What do you guys think?

Good Morning!

I like my little JL Dominion D108 Sub. if you're not looking for anything other than a bit more bottom end, it's a nice, solid little sub that won't break the bank. 

Depending on what new speakers I end up getting, I will either add a second one, or sell it because I won't need it anymore. Good Luck!

Using ESL speakers I needed to make sure any sub purchase would keep up with the speed of the speakers.  I recently ordered a pair of Rythmik servo F12Gs.  Couldn't be happier.

I cross them over at the bottom range of my speakers and I now have seamless integration that reaches into the teens. 

The subs arrived in less than a week after my order.  Two days of fiddling to get them right, and I now have exactly what I hoped for, bass without limits, no boom when it isn't called for, but full support when it is.  Symphonic classics are now a joy to behold.  Once you get concert hall realism nailed, jazz and rock fall right into place.

Regardless of what you pick, I do recommend getting two if you can.  They disappear this way.

I've become a 2 sub dude (subdude?) after touting the fact that one sub is fine, which it is. Now I think 2 is better, and I have to stop there as more would clog up my speaker posts (using REL high level connections only).