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Cartridge recommedations
I've had the Dynavector 10X5 for years and love it. This replaces a Rega cartridge that cane with with Rega 3 table. Haven't tried any of the others...   GB  
Who are your three favorite female singers?
OK, young people. How aboutMary Hopkin (Have you ever heard of her?)Sandie Shaw (ditto)Joan BaezJoni MithellTracy Chapman..GB 
A Highly Unusual Topic!
@flatbackround. Not well known, but true: Ambergris is found in the s**t of sperm whales. Makes you wonder who thought of adding it to perfumes.@baclagg.: I'm with you, but more in the single malt scotch club. It's amazing how even a single applic... 
Help with turntable purchase
Agree with the Rotel. I love my P3... 
Why perfect speakers dont exist the truth revealed
I know nothing about speaker design, so didn't really follow the concrete wall idea. Is the thought just that a speaker should be in a rigid non-resonant enclosure? If so, it sounds like a quick and easy backyard project for a DIYer (not me). Just... 
Does it improve the sound of a MM or MI cartridge by playing it through a phono stage?
Guys - JPerry, three_easy_payments, pryso:I'm not sure why the OP's question was so puzzling. He's using the built-in phono stage in his Plinius Integrated and wants to know if he can get better sound with an external phone stage.I've no experienc... 
Will a $700 turntable outperform a CD player?
Rochard,Not sure what maintenance costs you experienced with TT. My P3 is at least 10 years old and I've never taken it in for bearings, belts, etc.Maybe I'm speaking too soon (fingers crossed)?G 
Combining a sub-woofer with Bookshelf Speakers
Thanks, Tim! Let me try.. 
Combining a sub-woofer with Bookshelf Speakers
Thanks, Tim!I've got limitations on sub positioning as my system is in the living room. But I'll certainly experiment as much as I can.G 
Will a $700 turntable outperform a CD player?
Mahgister,Thanks for the clarification. I had no idea what you meant by the three embeddings; certainly sounded mysterious :-)What do you do about  Electrical grid noise ? 
Help Upgrading My Phono Chain
If you want to start slow, upgrade your cartridge. I went from an Elys 2 on my P3, to a Dynavector 10X5; major upgrade, immediately audible! I haven't heard the 20X2, but am sure it's even better.. 
Combining a sub-woofer with Bookshelf Speakers
Thanks, Wolf_Garcia! I'll experiment a bit 
Transport identification
Huh -- what  happened here? 
Which is more important in transmitting the sound, the information...
Not sure why this question is causing so much confusion. The OP is asking whether he/she should first upgrade the CD to pre-amp or the pre-amp to amp IC.And I'll avoid the short answer (which is that interconnects don't make much difference) becau... 
Too good a post to waste
Back to Stereo Review. I subscribed to it for a year or two, until I noticed that every review of a questionable component (including some serious lemons) ended with  (the sound/performance/etc).... 'was among the best we have heard in its class'....