Stockfisch Records

I cried when I started listening to my new Stockfisch LP's that arrived a few hours ago. The quality is unbelievable! Is it possible for vinyl to sound so good? I am dumbstruck...
It is like my system got a facelift!

Is there other Stockfisch users out there?

I have some of their CDs and am vinyl junkie but haven't gotten any LPs yet. Thanks for the tip.
Rives - whoa - get yourself atleast "The Vinyl Collection". It is mind-bending stuff...

Well I guess it's possible that they simply had quality control problems. My only experience with the label was not good, and I'm in no hurry to try it again. I bought the Water Falls double LP from Sara K. It had many surface defects, so I sent it back. The other one didn't sound good either, lots of surface noise. So I just assumed it was a poor label. Obviously I have avoided the label since then.
I have the Sara K CD sponsored by a well known speaker manufacturer. The lack of compression is welcome.

I am not a huge fan of her but the recording is excellent.

I am interested if Stockfisch have done more complex recordings that are equally excellent...recording an acoustic guitar and vocals ain't rocket science, IMHO.

Any high quality work with other more complex instruments to record (drums, a large band etc.)?
great conceptionally, stockfisch now needs an a&r guy like they need oxygen.

It is a greater art to record vocals and ie guitar solo than to record a large band! Believe me. With a large band it is more difficult to notice a bad recording.

Stockfisch have a very large album line-up...

Jaybo is right. If you do a search on Stockfisch for vinyl, it turns out they have a grand total of 3 titles available.

A good start, at least...
Looks like Elusive Disc and AS has's a link...§ion=music

Their web site is in German(German Company)...and they have lots of stock there.

I am looking to get an LP or 2 and love Sara K.

Perhaps Ill order one! That Collection Sampler looks interesting indeed. Suggestions welcome!

With a large band it is more difficult to notice a bad recording.

I am not sure I agree but I do admit that the Sara K album from Stockfisch is beautifully recorded...

In fact there are some small labels that do record some good stuff....Steve Ferrone's Farm Fur "More Head" is available from CD Baby, a very small label, it is indeed excellent R&B recording ...done by some artists and recorded live on a modest budget!

If I could find a reliable source for recommendations for great recordings I would be delighted! So far most sources I have found are hit and miss...

Are there any other recordings that you equate to Stockfish quality?
I like the sound of Stockfisch CD so much that I purchased whatever Stockfisch Vinyl I can find at my local audio shop. Fantastic sounding. Make listening to CD pleasurable. Happy Listening

Yes there are other HQ records out there like: NAIM, Telarc, Mapleshade, Fonè, Clearaudio...

Dewald, maybe crappy was too strong. My underlying point is, it's a shame that my favorite artists can't record such good SOUNDING records.
If only reviewers started to publish "compression" or "loudness" ratings as part of a CD reviews.

See this article Loud CD's

and this

How To Make Better Recordings

These articles give insight into why many people are finding CD's to be very fatiguing for lengthy periods of one Mastering Engineer describes "You just crank up the EQ and then you compress it digitally so everything sounds like a machine gun".

I remember a time when you couldn't easily find a decent cup of coffee in North America.....everyone served crap....then along came Starbuck's and served something decent! (Of course Starbucks won't go far in Italy, as a decent cup of coffee remained widely available in that country.)

Some day someone in the audio industry will realize the huge opportunity for a "Starbuck's for digital recordings" and re-re-master everything and charge a premium!!!!
the percentage of 'all music' played on conventional 2 channel home stereos is so small, don't expect much more than sara k. the old joke has always been true...the worse the performance, the better the sound. there are exceptions, but 99% of prerecorded music is made to sound like prerecorded artists, not ambience.
Have you heard the David Roth's "Pearl Diver" LP on Stockfisch ?
Simply stunning recording and great music.
Didn't have any issue with my Sara K LP. Maybe it needs to be cleaned? Many of my new LPs arrived with some surface dust and pop noise which were solved by running them through the cleaner. Great sounding LP! Crappy music? I don't think so. Many of these small label artists may not be as popular, but they still produce beautiful music.

I have three Stochfish albums on vinyl. I can second Cello - David Roth's LP is absolutely stunning. If I had the $'s (and all were available on vinyl)I would go out there and buy the whole Stockfish catalogue. Stunning music/recording/mastering/production/printing!!
Now Playing David Roth's "Pearl River" Stockfisch LP...Wow! I agree it is stunningly good.My jaw dropped ;-) Wish my whole collection could sound this good.

Unfortunately, my Classic Records 200g "Verve" of Diana Krall latest arrived and looks and sounds like crap..Vinyl has noisy grooves and dirt and fingerprints (new record!) that wont totally come clean even after repeated washes on the VPI 16.5..Back to Elusive Disc it goes!
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Their DMM-CD/SACD recordings are just amazing! They record direct to cutting lathe, and then use the lathe itself to playback directly to DSD. Highly recommended...

You can view the process here:


Beautifully recorded is one thing. Beautiful music is another. Personally, I do not listen to music just because it sounds good. My "Audiophile Record as a performance enhancer" days are over. Occasionally, you get really lucky and get both a great recording and performance. Tower of Power Direct on Sheffield Records is an example.