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Stax Gamma Headphones...Worth Repairing?
Cant be too difficult. Have you tried contacting the Stax agent for prices on spare parts?Dewald 
Best female vocals on CD
Ah - Christine Collister - Love on Rega LP...DV 
May Day May Day
Hey Groovey, nice thread...My first t/t? > A lousy Blaupunkt Music Centre...My first record? > ABBA / Voulez VouzHow are you?Keep well,Dewald 
Dimmer noise
Try to avoid dimmers - nasty noise generators - also avoid energy saving lamps and fluorecents...DV 
Best female vocals on CD
Artist: TRIJNTJE OOSTERHUIAlbum: The look of love Metropole OrchestraBurt Bacharach SongbookEngineer: Al Schmitt & James Lee Studio: MCO Studio, Hilversum, Nederland Village Recorder, Los Angeles, CABlue Note Records - 2007 HollandThis is a st... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
DNA Strings - El Nino...DV 
What does metal oxide sound like?
The only downside of Metal Oxide is that it is more inconsistant (tolerance) than metal film. Try the Vishays - I am sure you'll be very impressed... dont forget the capacitors - have a look at the Hovland range...Best regards,Dewald 
Improvement In Sound?
Not likely - Keep your old Denon CDP - it was and is a rather good machine. DVD players dont sound 'good' for music...DV 
Where did tracking error go?
I guess we understand it better now... it has been researched so much that it isnt an issue anymore...DV 
DJ Cartridges - have you tried it?
N803Nut,The Shure is sounding better by the day. To be honest - it already sounds better than my Sumiko Pearl...DV 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Norah Jones - Not too late. What an excellent album!! Oh this girl is cookin!Coenie de Villiers - Skoppensboer. Stunning vintage rock and piano style...DV 
DJ Cartridges - have you tried it?
Got the Shure Whitelabel DJ Club Cartridge. It sounds surprisingly good. Shure recommends it for "Hi-Fi" use aswell...Dewald 
Speaker Preferences?
Mrtennis,I dont know what was wrong with that setup but the ML's sounded 'dull' compared to the Zingali's - and the Zingali's werent overbright. They sounded frightningly 'real'.The ML system used Audio Research equipment with a Clearaudio Master ... 
Rega p-5 power supply ubgrade
The PSU upgrade is always worth investment. The AC Syncronious motor's vibration is reduced drastically and you'll experience a more detailed delivery from the table...Speaking from true experience...DV 
Speaker Preferences?
My pleasure,Recently I have spent some 'quality' time with the Zingali's. What an amazing speaker. When comparing a Martin Logan to the Overture it is like night to day. The Zingali's are so much more vivid and inviting - you sit there 'feeding' o...