Stillpoints under a turntable?

Are any of you using stillpoint mini's under your TT? How's it working?
Sprung chaises will do fine. An unsprung table might do best with some kind of rubber based material.
Schipo: I have to strongly disagree. Any kind of rubber based material 'anywhere' in the component chain is a no-no.
It traps/stores energy, does not dissipate.
Hi, I use ULTRAs under a Kenwood KD500 (extensively modified and upgraded from all aspects), as well as on a VPI Super Scoutmaster. Excellent results with both. Everything in that front end better be right, or will hear it- good and bad.
Spent the last 25 years in this business- last 12 years in manufacturing. Also worked closely with the people at Stillpoints.

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I use the original Stillpoints with Risers and inverted cups beneath my Teres 320 (85-90lb, unsprung) turntable. They provide a significant lowering of the sound floor vs. the supplied spikes, at the cost of a *slight* diminution of macro-dynamic punch and bass slam. As with most things in audio, it's a tradeoff, but they're a net gain for *this* table in *my* system to *my* ears. Would they do the same beneath another table, in another system or to another's ears? YMMV.

P.S. Agree with Slaw regarding rubber(ish) materials beneath a TT, or anywhere near one. I've tried Sorbothane, Vibrapods and similar in various places beneath my TTs and around my tonearms. The results were decidedly negative: no sonic benefit but loads of added mud. I suppose YMMV, but having heard no audible benefit and serious sonic detriments in several setups, I believe the odds are against it.
I'm using original Stillpoints under my SP10 mkII.
The Mule

And the Stillpoint cones are directly over a Neuance Shelf.

I haven't tried this plinth/TT with rubber.

Fwiw I got the idea about using Stillpoints (original type) from listening in on discussion regarding the Teres turntables. Stillpoints (original type) were a popular option for a Teres.

I use Ultra 5's under my CA Master Innovation. Very worthwhile upgrade.
I use SYMPOSIUM HDSE the best had Stillpoints big upgrade!!
I'm using original StillPoints under an original Aries Extended. It made a quite favorable difference.
I have used the origonal Stillpoints with risers and now the Stillpoint Ultras,under my TW accustic Raven one. The Ultras are marginally better, but not enough to justify the price differnce, IMHO
The Stillpoints cones brought significant improvements under the motor of my VPI Aries 3. A no-brainer.
Im using TW BN feet on TT.
Ultra 5s under each corner of a Kenwood L07D plus a fifth leg under the motor housing. Improved focus and better timbre from top to bottom.
I have used first SP Ultra SSs under both a Bergman Sindre and a Nantais Lenco Reference. Later I used SP Ultra Fives under both. The Ultra Fives were far superior and as always four feet, whether SSs or Fives, are clearly much better than three.

I must say also, that I never liked the original StillPoints or their aluminum units.
Ultra 5s came on my Kodo the Beat Turntable and also under the remote power supply. Great products.
I bought a set of still points Ultra Mini Risers on a trip to a friend's house. Just for the fun of it, I put it under his turntable, which is a Project. He doesn't pay any attention to his setup and is more anti-audiophile in his attentiveness to placement. Anyway, I put the Ultra Mini Risers under his turntable (4 of them) and the difference was extremely noticeable.
I then took them to another friend's, one who paid attention to setup details I imparted. And We put them under his NAD C320BEE and his JVC SL-Z1050TN player and the sound again was excellent. The still points work, but you MUST play with placement. On the NAD, it worked best with the feet behind the 4 feet NAD had installed.