Standmount speakers with Line Magnetic 518 SET amp?

Hi all, 

I am curious about what standmount speakers folks would pair with the Line Magnetic 518 amp?  Room is small and I don't play music especially loud.

Thanks for any ideas!

Take a look at Reference 3A de Capos, 92db sens, detailed, good bass for a standmount, 8 1/4 in woofer, no crossover,  good at low volumes

i use mine in a 20x12 ft room with 4 watt decware mini torii, plenty of power unless I have a rave
The de Capos are really good, though I like sealed box better and the little Harbeths are now particularly good.......they weren't before.  They deal very well with room acoustics because of the sealed box, you don't play loudly so that is not an issue, they don't move a ton of air so you don't need a heavily massed stand and they are involving.
Thanks very much!
Call me a B&W fanboy, but I've always loved the 805 series.  They are nice looking, sound great, and have a surprising amount of bass.  Great imaging as well!  Plus, they've been around a long time, so you can get a nice used set for the lower budget, or the new diamond series if you can afford it.

Not sure your price point, but check out the DeVore Gibbon 3xl's -- Fantastic match with the LM518.

(I'm a LM and DeVore dealer)
Devore gibbon do theybdifferbfrom mm d3 capo
Falcon 3/5
Harbeth or Tekton Double Impact Monitors

Both play well at low volumes.
I suggest you find speakers you absolutely love,then mate power to it..your going backwards
Without knowing your budget, the DeVores are a good choice. I think the Orangutan O/96 is a good match for the LM Audio. I also think, if you have a small room the Vandersteen Treo, 3a or even 2ce Sig II would sound great. I have the Sig II but if I had the cash I'd get the Treo or Quattro CT. I have the LM Audio 216ia.
Audition some Proac d2.  Great match with LM.  Best.....