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whole house surge protector
This is so helpful and you guys are great!  I will tell my electrician to go ahead with whole house surge protector. Thank you! Margot  
what does this mean?
Thanks for the reassurance, everyone.  I've placed an order!  Everything is back-ordered so it will be a while, but I'll report back when I have it set up. cheers, Margot    
Sparkler CD Player or Transport?
That looks very nice but is too deep for my space.  Thanks for the suggestion.  
New Magico A1 Bookshelf Speakers!
mountain song, can you describe how far the speakers are from you listening position, and how far apart from each other?thanks- 
Need advice on what to look for in a turntable - budget $6K to $10K
Check out Pure Fidelity tables (from Vancouver.). I am intrigued by them. 
power cord with Niagara 1200
Thanks all- Much appreciated! 
Good speaker match for Nuprime IDA-8?
My dad runs KEF LS50s with his IDA-8.   Room is probably 12 by 18--so small to medium size.  I can confirm the sound is excellent.-Margot 
The best speaker for a small any price point.
Trenner and Friedl Suns. 
Top Notch Desktop System
I am planning to do Omega Super 3i (single driver) with a Decware Zen amp on my desktop.  I have the speakers and they sound amazing close up.  Really thrilled with them...They do take a bit of room on the desktop, however.If I wasn’t going this d... 
Speaker advice for listening to Blues music
Watkins Stereo Generation 4.  See the review in Absolute Sound.  Free home demo period. 
Buchardt s400
Got it!  Many thanks! 
Best practices - cleaning contacts!
Wow!  I am amazed! Sounds like a good winter project.Thanks to all for all the good advice.cheers,Margot 
Best practices - cleaning contacts!
Thanks, everyone!  Super helpful. Love the dental bits.  So smart.  For cleaning off banana plugs, though, would these wipes be a good choice?'ll get myself some VIVA paper towels and get started!  Ju... 
Best practices - cleaning contacts!
Thanks!  Elizabeth a few follow ups.  Lots of different Deoxit Golds—is this the one I want? I use something like this on banana plugs etc?’m a bit conf... 
From KEF 103.2 to Harbeth 30.1 and back....Your advice sought.
Watkins Stereo Generation 4