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Confused about Rega and VTA....
Hi all-Just an update and to say thanks for all the advice.  I ended up using Acoustic Signature spacers with the Hana SL cartridge.  (Well actually I had the turntable set up by a pro, who did an amazing job.)  It sounds incredible.  Huge leap fo... 
Graham ls5/9 vs Harbeth M30.1
David Michael Audio in Royal Oak, MI.Really good guys! 
Speakers (and system) for a small-ish room
I have the KEF LS50s and the Harbeth P3esrs and love them both.  (I have also gone with the philosophy of not repeating speakers because there are too many great ones out there.)  I also own and love the Trenner and Friedl Suns which will do great... 
Graham ls5/9 vs Harbeth M30.1
my sister and i demoed both with her dealer in Michigan.  both lovely but the Graham blew us away.they were set up with NAIM electronics.Margot 
Headphones for ~$1k
mr. speakers aeon 
"Best" mini-monitor?
I have a similarly small listening room (9 by 11) and tried a lot of speakers there before I felt like I got it right.  The best for me is the Trenner and Friedl Sun (little sibling of the Arts) with the Brinkmann integrated.  Heaven!I would also ... 
Retiring my Green Mountain Audio Continuum 3s for Stand Mount Speakers
See the December 2017 review of the Watkins Stereo Generation 4 speaker in Absolute Sound.  Sounds like they might be just the ticket!Margot 
fixing hum on Rega Rp6
I did watch the video and that is my plan!  Thanks.  Also - for now- the hum is gone.  I moved cords around so maybe I was just getting some interference...But I think I’ll ground the PSU just to be sure.Thanks for all your suggestions! 
fixing hum on Rega Rp6
No change when I touch the tone arm.  I notice it when I turn on the PSU TT...Thanks! 
fixing hum on Rega Rp6
Thanks very much!  I hadn't thought of the tonearm.  I will experiment with this and see.The problem is intermittent, but I haven only noticed it when the TTPSU is plugged in...Margot 
fixing hum on Rega Rp6
Yes.  I think the hum is from the wall wort for the Rega PSU... 
LIO versus LFD NCSE with Harbeth Compact 7?
Just an update on this (as the original post was 2 years ago):  both my sister Greta and I ended up going with the LIO.  She has LIO (with AVC tubestage) driving her Compact 7s, and I'm running LIO with DHT Pre with my KEF LS50s.  We're both happy... 
Best amp for KEF LS50
Vinnie Rossi LIO 
Your thoughts about Omega speakers
Hi Rich-I've wondered if the 3i would work on my desktop....  I'll consult with Louis about space requirements.  Thanks for the suggestion!  Margot 
Vinnie Rossi LIO Or Pass Labs 250.5 & XP10
I am also running LIO with DHT with KEF LS50s.   It sounds great.  You are going to be very happy!  And I also have a long term interest in the Harbeth M 30.1.  I just have a hard time moving the KEFs out - they work so well with LIO.  If you make...