Speakers I have Two in mine??

Hello FriendsYou a problem sick of my post's!!I have a pair of Zu Souls MK11, I like them, but wish, I have more bass slam, and a slight reduction in the treble, only just!! I live in a part of Aust, where there is no hi fi shopsFriends, I have been offered a pair of Gallo Reference 3.1's with a SA bass amp, at 2,000.00 Au, rare in AustI notice from my last post, that many people, had different views, thanksI own the Zu'sBut the Gallos, have come on the market, I'm very happy with all of my audio gear, except the speaker's, which will be powered by my Channel Islands mono blocks!!I wan't  your thoughts, should I stick with the ZU's, or should I go with the Gallo Reference 3.1's with SA Bass Amp??I just want options between the above, I have 48 hours, to make up my mind!!Many ThanksDavid

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Fourth thread created asking the same questions.
Dave, you are never going to know until you demo the speaker, etc in your system. Bust a move and buy them, decide for yourself what sounds best and then sell the other.
I'd prefer the gallo's hands down,  can't answer for you.... If you have indeed been asking for awhile, it might be time to try these before they are sold and you never see them again.  I assume that you can resell them or your zu's
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Keep the ZUs and buy some Gallo. After a few glasses you may come to appreciate the ZU sound more!

"I have a pair of Zu Souls MK11, I like them, but wish, I have more bass slam, and a slight reduction in the treble, only just!!"

This thought occurs to me:

You can think of the tonal balance of a speaker like a see-saw: If the top end is too much, you can add more bottom end (via subs) and get a really nice balance. But if you add subs to a speaker that is already nicely balanced, that can make it sound unbalanced, like it now needs more top end to regain balance.

So your Zu’s might be inviting you to add subs, which may accomplish two things at once: Give you more bass slam, AND balance the see-saw, so that you no longer need a slight reduction in the treble.

(I used to be a Gallo dealer and have enormous respect for Anthony Gallo's innovative designs, but the Zu's have a really enjoyable liveliness that I think you would miss, hence my suggestion for a way to keep what the Zu's do well and improve the areas where there is room for improvement.)


 Maybe it is insane, but quite common. I have two pairs of speakers - Silverline Sonata-III and Nightingale CTR.2 (open baffle design, made inItaly). They are quite opposite sonically. I change them every 3 or 5 months to get a new impression.
Wow this is funny, I was completely in the middle of posting how all the OP probably needs to do is add four subs as that will get him the slam he wants and probably at the same time balance out the treble. Without first reading through the thread. Because I was so teed off that the guy keeps asking the same question over and over again. But then I thought maybe scroll up see if somebody mentioned it, I mean it is a pretty obvious solution, and lo, Duke himself!

Which says almost exactly what I was saying only as usual even more clearly.

Anyway, now Duke confirms it, the matter is settled.

daveyonthecoast: get yourself four subs. Just get them.

I have "mine", you get yours...........
If you can post to audiogon you can purchase off the site as well. Stop pretending that your options are so limited, it's beyond tedious at this point.