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General question about tube preamps and gain
It couldn't hurt to try your idea. Does the power amp have adjustable sensitivity?  Lowering that would also be an option.  
Separate Phono Pre - $$ before I will hear a SIGNIFICANT difference vs. integrated?
Maybe this can help. I say go for the schiit, the schiit is good.  Phonostages (below $900): 
Best budget preamp for my entry level system?
Dynaco pas 3x.... schitt saga paired with mani are also great suggestions.  
Has anyboidy had any experience with an 833-A single-ended triode amplifier?  This is an expired agon listing but it has his phone number and stuff... 
Has anyboidy had any experience with an 833-A single-ended triode amplifier?
Will Vincent was recently advertising several highpower altec SETs I think they were public address amps from a ballpark... I went as far as  calculating the over time I'd have to work to buy them. sigh... some day... 
Suggestions for getting a commission to custom build tube amps
I met my repair guy through the local Craigslist page. You can find listings for audio swapmeets there too. 
Speaker selector app.
Goldenear will get you most of the way there. 
A new turntable under 500-700euros
I like my onkyo, and it'll fit your budget. It's called cp-1050. I run it with a couple Nagaokas and the schiit mani. They're both elliptical stylii though. Happy listening and welcome back to the world of vinyl 👍👍 
Anyone else gotten SPAM pop ups the last couple of days?
Yup me too on Android through gmail on the daily recap. It literally just happened I won a prize!!!!! Lol happened again when I edited my misspelling 
Seeking tube 12AX7 recommendation for a Conrad-Johnson Premier 3
I've had good luck with rca and Sylvania in my fisher 
which car is sitting in your listening room?
Random redneck: that thing got a hemi? Me: nope 😅 I guess I have a set of alloys and some tires in my listening room. And I'm pretty happy with them 😃 
What system can adequately reproduce the sounds of a tanker being hit by torpedo ?
In my smallish room my system has made me jump straight out of my chair. The scene from the first Avengers movie where they started the engines of the flying aircraft carrier comes to mind  
Should I keep the Turntable or sell it?
Keep your table and consider trying a line level tube buffer stage. Amazon sells a couple different ones. Then later we can talk about the rabbit hole that is tube rolling 😉 
Focal Sopra 2's vs Titron GoldenEar Reference speakers
Judas priest and tool as well as many others sound excellent on my GE triton 2's. I've used them with tube, solid state, and digital amplifiers and never heard any harshness.  
Worth of current system
Main rig <$5000.Living room rig approximately $500 Maybe $600ish with replacement tubes. Bedroom system has ss and tube option and cost about $1600 all in. I have a mix of vintage and modern gear. Each system is unique sounding and I love them ...