Speaker Recomendations $3000

Have a Hafler 200 dual channel system and looking to upgrade my speakers and want to spend not more then $3000. Would prefer floor standing with small foot print. The room is an L shaped living room 11X14 with a 10X10 alcove. Must sit close to the speakers for careful listening & want to fill the room with easy sound when entertaining. Prefer a warm easy sound with air & good detail. Listen generally to contemporary jazz, classic rock & blues, lots of guitar & percusion some piano & B3 organ. I have looked at the S5E and I like them. What else would you suggest. thx
there are countless treasures for 3k....if you have the room, a used pair of dunlavy IV's(for 3k would include shipping)and you're probably as 'there' as most will ever get. the b3 recordings will blow you away....
In that price range, I love the Vienna Acoustics Beethovan Baby Grands. They sound just as you describe what you are looking for and should be a good match with your amp.
ohhh, Audio Physic Virgos used... a favorite of John Atkinson AND me AND the old owner of the Digital Ear, who could have had just about anything and used these.
go hear what everyone is talking about, the new Usher BE-718, new for $2800. Amazing high, mid, and bass.
I'll second the vote for the Vienna Acoustics. I heard the Baby Grands at RMAF and they sounded great there - had me lingering in that room for a while. I don't know how they'd pair off with your amp though, but I'm pretty sure they were using SS at the show. The next room were playing the Mahlers - even better still, but beyond your price range.
I recently auditioned the VA Beethovens and the Audio Physics Tempo (below the Virgo) and I preferred the Tempo, although the Beethoven's were very good. The Tempo's were sightly more open with great bass response. I will say that I preferred the traditonal styling of the Beethovens - the cabinets were beautiful.
IIRC, aren't the Vienna Acoustics $3K speaker the Mozart Grands? The Beethoven Baby Grands are really $3K/pr??
If you prefer a warm easy sound with air & good detail then definitely hold out for a used pair of EgglestonWorks Fontains. After many other auditions this is the one IMO which best produces detail AND warmth. I listen to some of the same kind of music as you, and the best feature about this speaker is the tone - tone of the guitar and piano - excellent. Very special. Secret: top quality drivers, minimal electronics, extremely rigid cabinet, especially lead shot or sand filled integrated stands. And usually only $2200-$2500, which leaves +$500 for music!
Was on pretty much the same search as you earlier this year - wanted small footprint floorstander, gorgeous wood cabinetry, and non-fatiguing sound. My 3 favorites were VA Bach Grand, Quad 22L, and Dynaudio Focus 220. All can be had for under 3k (especially the 22L which is one of the best deals out there at around $1,600) and all have their strengths. I chose the Bach Grands and got the Rosewood upgrade - just gorgeous - very high WAF! Coherent, open, great soundstage, non-fatiguing, and good for nearfield listening. From your music tastes they should work well for you. Although, definitely not blow-out-your- neighbor speakers! Not familiar with your amp but these mate very well with my SS Adcom 555II, an amp most consider on the harsh side (though I consider this to be more the Adcom preamps). I borrowed a passive pre for a few weeks and couldn't believe how good the VA's sounded. Definitely check them out. A couple others I liked were Audio Physic, and Dali models.
BTW, just noticed a pair of Bach grands on Agon for $1,395. That's quite a price!
i second the dunlavy 4s and also suggest the proac response 3s. what about a used martin logan hybrid ??
the a few hundred more the Gershman Sonograms for sure would better any of them for overall balance and musicality.
Check out the Devore Super 8 too. Really good with the music you describe. Within your budget used.
Im looking for speakers in the same range of 3 to 6k tops. I went to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and heard several speakers i really liked. The few that comes to mind in this price range is ACI, Acoustic Zens Adagio, Tri Tech, AV123. Not sure how they will match to your Hafler gear but worth a listen.
Paul (pjl2122),
As a Gershman dealer disclosure is absolutely necessary here.

Your recommendation without it is highly unprofessional.
Hello As we speak I have not had the pleasure of having the Sonograms in my home ,I have demoed them and heard them at the SHows ,I absolutely will own them ,and I open the invitation to all in New England -Massachusetts area to come have a visit .I AM not a store My home is my listening room and I donot stock equipment,I do build systems privately though Systems synergy , just to clear the air thankyou.
I have an email from the owner of Gershman speakers saying you are a dealer. It details your company name, your name, phone number etc.

If anybody would like a copy of this email, please contact me; it is from Ofra Gershaman herself.

You also operate a business in the UK and market Acoustic Zen and Stealth products both there and here in the UK. Your feedback is full of AZ customers.

Call yourself anything you wish but with 2 companies, one called HiFidelity Audio and the other High Fideltiy Audio and a website for each, you are a dealer.
After looking around I decided to buy the Kudos C2. They are a very straight forward design I am very happy with them. They have great detail, good imaging and excellent sound stage. They really fit with my space requirements. They sit pretty close to the back wall and have excellent base response because they are floor ported. I have listened to over 30 hours in a few days. Thanks for all your suggestions I really learned about speakers as a result. Now I have to figure out the cable. currently using lam wire & still sounding great. Waiting until they break in a little longer.