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Ridge Street Audio Sason Ltd. Loudspeaker
I was curious about the same question RGS92. I had to cancel my trip to RMAF this year at the last minute but if i had have gone, the Sasons would have been on the top of my list to have a listened. 
TRL ST225 - Goodness anyone else own this amp
Thanks Jes Thats the problem is that Im in Salt Lake City. It would be great if someone in my area owns this amp. I asked because i plan to be at RMAF again this year. 
TRL ST225 - Goodness anyone else own this amp
Does anyone know if anyone will have a TRL amp set up at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest? I've always wanted to hear it. 
Opinions of people who have OWNED Adagio's
KeithrGlad you commented on this combo. Maybe we can talk about this more off line. I heard the adagios at rocky mountain audio fest last year with halcro. It was the top of the line Halcro gear. There was somthing special about the sound coming f... 
Talon - Firehawks with diamond tweeter- how good a
I don't think they are called fire hawks. You must mean Fire Bird, Thunder Hawk, Hawk or Cinema Hawk..but ive never heard of Fire Hawk. I live here in Salt Lake City and actually used to live 5 doors from the former ceo of talon mike farnsworth. T... 
Ridge Street Audio Sason Ltd. Loudspeaker
Rgs92I've asked the same question to the Ridge Street Camp. They are great guys to talk to. They mentioned that the granite that is used in the body of these speakers are so solid and of course heavy..that it would take a lot to move them off thei... 
your experience amp for acoustic zen adagio
Im thinking of purchasing the Adigios and wondered the same question. I have heard the Halcro/AZ combo at shows and the sound was very good. Robert of AZ mentioned that the Red Dragons were almost a perfect match. I really would like to hear this ... 
what is the best amp you've ever heard
VAC 300 Mono BlocksWhere is MBL in this thread? Really liked them at the RMAF matched with the Kharmas.Would love to hear more of the listed. 
SP Tech Timepiece 3.0-Dynaudio C1 comparison?
If you google sp tech, you will find several dealers. tweekgeek.com, response audio to name a few. Also contact 4sptech.com for a list of dealers or a dealer near you. 
Who do you like for equipment mods?
I couldn't agree more. Paul at TRL. Great guy to talk to and is very knowledgeble. 
Have you ever deceived your wife-audio purchase
This is a hilarious topic! The answers have me rolling! Lol! 
Spectron Musician III SE Mk.2? What Changed?
Maybe this is a ploy to draw more attention to the company and product. I mean if he hadnt have responded this way..how far would this thread have really gone? As I mentioned before, i dont think he meant any harm. He is a musician/engineer/audiop... 
Spectron Musician III SE Mk.2? What Changed?
Tvad made a good point.Ubgub, I couldnt agree more. 
What is the best speaker for a smallish room?
Ladvid..I hear you about the WAF on the Green Mountains. I always read about the hype of the sound of this company but never heard them until RMAF last year. I didn't hear the smaller Picos but I did hear there larger floor standers and I remember... 
What is the best speaker for a smallish room?
kataro micropures are amazing!i could not believe the sound..alsousher stand mount speakers are worth a try too.