Recomendations on CD Palyers with Volume Control

I have decided that I want to try a High End CD Player with Volume Control to drive my Amp directly.

I have read about the Digital verses Analog Volume Output Stages, with the edge apparently going to the Analog Volume Output sceme.

The CD Player must have Balanced Outputs and a SPDIF Digital Input. Not to concerned about Digital Outputs.

I have been looking at the Mark Levinson No.39 and the 390S, both have Analog Volume Output Control. Wadia has the new 302 and the older 301, both have Digital Volume Output Control and Cary has the 303-300, with Analog Output Control.

I am looking for any and all input, comparisons, and recomendations including Make and Model #'s.

I love this Hobby!!!! Thank's for your time.
Budget?? New or used??
Have you checked the archives? Try here and do a search on all words "cd" "volume" and "control". You should find a variety of suggestions.
Based on the cost of the MLs, I would suggest the Audio Aero Capitole mk2.
When I inserted an SCE Harmonic Recovery System black box between CDP and amp, there was a performance increase. Since there are no controls to adjust, it can be considered as a part of the signal optimizing circuitry which manufacturers have not seen fit to include when they make provision to let you omit a formal preamp stage.
You can check out its reviews, one of which is on the website. If you see it used on Audiogon, well worth adding to your system when you go direct from CDP to amp. Strangely, by adding an extra box with its interconnect (going less than direct) you get better sound. Opposite to what our intuition tells us.
As an aside, it also works even if you use a preamp, since the SCE signal transfer optimization ideas go beyond what is built in to most components.
Try Consonance Droplet CD player, it has what youre looking for. Volume control, balance and single output, tube based CDP, detachable power cord, and you can even use as a transport ( it has coaxial digital out), it looks great and sound great. This thing is heavy it weighs 45lbs.
I second Audio Aero Capitole mk II. A truly exeptional player.
Used, for around $3000.
I have cary 303/300, Wadia 301, wadia 302, and audio aero capitole MKII. All Cd players have volume controls. I hooked direct to a tube amp. On my system, I am refer the wadia 302.
It is great sound (wide, smooth and strong mid range, Bass is OK (slightly detail), cheaper then Capitole)
1. wadia 302
2. Capitole (great cd player, but $ 2k more then wadia 302)
3. Cary 303/300 (It has many great reviews, but not in my sytem?????why??
4. Wadia 301 (Still great, but wadia 302 much better)