Source for tube shopping?

I'm in need of a dozen EL34s for my Cary V12. I'm going to go with the new issue Electro Harmonix tubes, largely because they seem to be well rated, they're reasonably priced, and I need a lot of them. I'm looking at three websites - Tube Depot; Antique Electronic Supply; and Amplified Parts - all of who offer matching services for the tubes at between $13-$15 per tube. Does anyone have any experience with any of these sites they could share, or do you have a recommended alternative? In a little bit of a rant, Cary wanted to charge $40 EACH for this same tube, which is some first-class gouging if I've ever seen it. Any experiences are appreciated.
From my experience w/Cary amps & EH tubes, I'd go w/Upscale Audio or Jim McShane because they Really match & burn them in, not just match the factory readings on the box which aren't accurate.
Happy with Tube Depot.

Ordered numerous tubes and they helped with recommendations. In addition, they are a global business shipping tubes to other countries.

Upscale is also very good.
I've had very good experience with Jim McShane, fully tested tubes, excellent advice and excellent service.
Jim McShane is great, I bought a matched pair of 5670 GE JANs. Completely satisfied. Another option is Brent Jesse in Illinois, he has been very helpful with any questions I have. Soon to buy fom him.
+1 for Jim and Tube Depot.
I am glad that each of my mono amps only require a total of three tubes each. As with owning a Ferrari... fantastic until you need a ring job! Excellent suggestions above, BTW.
* Second sentence was light humor.
Happy with Tube Depot.
+1 Jim McShane is the man.
How does one get in touch with Jim McShane? Does he have a web site?
I had a V12R and traded it in on a CARY CAD120's. I just got a new set of KT88's (an octet) Electro-Harmonics for 229.00 including shipping, and also got a rebate of 11.45 This was offered after the fact! I love the folks at Cary, but they do charge more. V12R's make great heaters in the winter also. Has anyone figured out "What is Lowballing?'' Yet. Just make sure to ask for a matched set. B&B tubes, in Champlain NY. I've also bought from Antique Electronic supply for a Cary SLP98P pre. Good luck.
I have had great dealings with tube depot. They have even given me money back on tubes I did not like. Great company to deal with.
I sourced Winged C EL34s from Antique Electric Supply to re-tube a conrad johnson Premier V. I can’t necessarily fault AES - maybe the Winged Cs weren’t a good match - but I had too many failures to suit me.
Happy with Tube Depot.

Ordered numerous tubes and they helped with recommendations. In addition, they are a global business shipping tubes to other countries.

Upscale is also very good.
Here's a link to Jim McShane's site. The tube listing page is a bit daunting but sending him a message at [email protected] is your best bet.
~65 per quad of the EH EL34's and ~80 per quad of the EH 6CA7's (all matched of course). I definitely ask his opinion on what to get within your given budget. I think the the EH are pretty good (Jim always stops carrying a given tube if it proves unreliable, so you're safe there).
Andy at vintage tube services can help you out as well;always gave me great customer service and advice.
tube depot - no issues
Just bought a matched quad from Peter yesterday for $50 at Vacuum Tube Supplies. Absolutely nice and professional people to buy from with especially when I bought 34s instead of 84s. Not a problem exchanging them.
[email protected]
As a Cary V12 owner I can strongly recommend Jim McShane as well as Kevin Deal at Upscale. I never liked the EH tubes in my system, perhaps they sound good in your system; too bad the V12 has so many tubes, makes rolling a bit expensive. I do like the folks at Cary, they have always been extremely helpful to me, but they do charge a premium for tube replacement, hence, better to seek them elsewhere.
I go with Tube Depot. They have always shipped quality tubes that are well matched and quiet.
Jim McShane
The Tube Store
Brent Jesse
Eurotubes (located in the US)

I have never bought EL34s from any of them, so just tube suppliers in general I have dealt with

re: McShane's website: Use the "Search This Page" function (ctrl + F on many browsers) and then type in EL34 or whatever