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Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
I am very saddened by this news.  I have been away so long.  Al was awesome, I looked forward to all his conversations.  Margaret and family God Bless you. 
Has anyone been banned from Steve Hoffman Forums?
Thanks Al, excellent info.Best,Dave 
Remove musty smell
You guys have some good ideas! I thank you all. 
Vintage Receiver: TANDBERG, MARANTZ, or…?
The Harman Kardon X30 series of receivers are very nice, particularly the 430 and 730.Dave 
The HH Scott 350 A MultiplexCircuitry
Goofy foot, with my 350's I use simple rabbit ears(!) and they perform well. Just thought I'd pass that on.Best,Dave 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
CSN, Austin, TX the Long Center. Great evening of entertainment. August.Best,Dave 
is buying used Mcintosh equipment online bad idea?
Locally, If you haven't sent for repair yet, I found Mike at Austin Stereo on Burnet fair, knowledgeable. Worked a couple Scott 299 amps for me.Another very good tech is Mike Samra at Audio Asylum. While he works on most any vintage equipment he e... 
Help with compression and dynamic range
I was just thinking about this last night after the CSN show I attended. It occurred to me that the dynamic range is what gives the music life, the organic feel it produces. When compressing the dynamic range music just isn't the same. Maybe this ... 
CSNY Live 1974
Maxenwid I completely agree with your last post. I saw CSN last night in Austin. It was awesome, powerful. Were their voices different, sure. But not worse. They sang wonderfully. Stills a little rougher, Crosby seemed a little deeper, Nash was go... 
Not asking the best....
All excellent responses. By listing some of our favorites perhaps others will discover or rediscover some great music.I'll contribute another, "low spark of high heeled boys".Best,Dave 
Condition of speakers
I can truly say I bought a pair of mint AP Steps here as described by the seller and Audiogon 10/10 rules.A pair of AR 7's where the vinyl was in such good condition I could have thought it was veneer!Best,Dave 
Hot Rats
Moving to Montana soon, gonna be a dental floss tycoon, yippie I yo Ki ayyyy!Couldn't help myself.Best,Dave 
JBL Metregon and Paragon
Viridian,Thought you would like to get a sense of scale. Unit is listed again, second photo in description has a scale in it.Saw another for $42K listed now. I believe seller claims it to be the 100th made.Best,Dave 
Any Boston Acoustic sub fans?
I had a pair of the A40's with an ADS pb1500.I thought that was a good match. 
JBL Metregon and Paragon
He did have a square in one photo for scale. I saw another the other day, a Paragon asking $48999.00! It is incredible what the low serial numbers go for.Some of them look to be in incredible condition.What did they retail for back in the day?Best...