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Your thoughts on active loudspeakers
Ok now that you posted your thoughts on active speakers I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION. THOSE OF YOU THGT WERE FOR ACTIVE SPEAKERSWhich active stand mount speakers do you like best and why regardless of price? Thanks again!!! 
Kii3 loudspeakers
Okay The Dutch & Dutch 8c or the Kii3. I have a very large music collection stored on an external Drive( the Drobo 5C) hookup to a 2016 Aoole MacBook Pro. Can I hookup either speaker to the MacBook Pro to play my music and how? That's how for ... 
Okay, I'm not shouting now, sorry about that. And secondly I was WRONG about the lightning connectors sorry agin. Okay the inputs and outputs are Thunderbolt 3's.The computer is The MacBrook Pro 15" screen and the year is 2016. I guess I'm looking... 
most realistic sound from a stand mount Loudspeaker active or passive
the amp I am using is an Exemplar Integrated amp 
Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers
Under 20K /pair 
Kii3 loudspeakers
OOPs that's DSP not dip 
Kii3 loudspeakers
Duke, I take it that you have heard the Dutch and Dutch 8c and you like what you hear. Are there any other stand mounts with dip and internal amps that you would care to comment on? And to all that added a comment or two THANK YOU!!!!! 
Kii3 vs Raidho XT-1
Anyone else have an opinion? 
Stand mount loudspeakers
Room size 15x 12 8 ft ceilings. Undecided about subs. Type of music, all kinds. Price range to $15000.00. System preferences, wide and deep soundstage, Good piano, violin and great female voices and NO head in a vice. 
Kii3 loudspeakers
Has anyone else heard these loudspeakers? 
Axpona 2018
Did anyone hear the Kii3's? 
Which stand mount sealers sound great against the
Thanks any more? 
Best Integrated, period.
I too believe that the BEST depends on one's taste, the associated equipment and the room. I like the Exemplar Audio for the sound and it's rather affordable price. I hope to hear the Musical Fidelity someday too but I wish the US suppliers would ... 
Pro-Ject turntables
Vernneal, I assume you got the manual for the olderPro-ject RPM 5.1? When setting up your turntable what did you use for the cartridge downforce? Thanks! 
Acoustic Room Treatment – any simple solutions?
Just found this and Br3098 please tell us more on the Dirac and DSPeaker.